Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor heating mats vary in design from supplier to supplier. But, in essence, they are all sheets of both conductive and insulated materials installed beneath your floor and controlled by a thermostat. Sound expensive? It isn't. The low cost is a surprise to many who assume that underfloor heating is a luxury. There are certainly premium options with a higher initial investment, such as Thermogroup's range whose enormous savings are made in the long-term; but there are also budget-friendly options such as the ComfortZone range of fixed-price-per-metre underfloor heating matting.

This type of heating beneath the floor can free up enormous amounts of space, and it radiates heat upwards just like a normal radiator - yet with a far more even coverage. It's difficult to describe just how amazing underfloor heating is without it sounding like the usual sales-speak, but it really is an innovating technology that everyone should be considering for their homes.

Why not install it beneath your bathroom tiles to dry up puddles and keep your toes warm? Especially in those frigid winters where the cold sends shivers up your ankles. You'll never know how you managed without your invisible underfloor heating mats.