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Heating Controls

Your boiler is only as efficient as your chosen heating control, so heating controls are essential in helping you regulate and control the heating and temperature in your home. We have a nice and diverse selection of heating controls, whether they be underfloor heating controls or central heating controls. The central heating programmers can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like, but each one is impeccably designed to help improve your energy efficiency and to help stop you from wasting unnecessary money.

Old heating controls can waste energy and money so it is vital that you buy the right smart heating controls for your system, but please do not fear as upgrading or installing a new smart heating control and central heating programmers can be done without replacing your boiler. You need to make an important decision as to whether you want to manually control and adjust the temperature, or whether you think you'd prefer a smarter heating control where you can control your heating using an app on your smartphone or tablet. In the long run, if you choose the right heating control, it will pay for itself in reduced heating costs and reduced energy consumption, as you will be able to heat your home exactly when you require it.

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