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COVID-19 Information

Status (Updated April 2021)

  • Our website, warehouse and all courier partners are open and fully operational
  • Our  sales and customer service teams are available via our Help Hub
  • The accuracy of our lead times for some items is occasionally falling short, and we would like to sincerely apologise if you are affected. Please see our note below.


There is no roadmap for how to navigate these challenging new times. We’d like to let you know we are still open for business, although we certainly wouldn’t call it business as usual - far from it. 

Business as usual would mean a packed warehouse and a bustling office - things that are simply not acceptable right now. It would also mean ready-availability of almost every product we offer, and unfortunately this isn’t the case either.

So rather than pretend otherwise, we’d like to tell you honestly and openly exactly what we’re doing to keep our employees and customers safe, and to protect the livelihoods of the 150+ people that make our business what it is.


Lead Times & Order Delays

  • We are currently seeing reduced accuracy with the stock information we receive from our brand partners, as well as unexpected delays to stock arriving in the UK. Although we are still meeting the vast majority of lead times, we advise ordering 'In Stock' items if you are working to tight deadlines.
  • Of the 5,000+ products we offer, around 1,000 lines are ready to ship directly from our own distribution centre (and marked as 'In Stock' or 'Next Day Delivery'). 
  • Items displaying a lead time (e.g. 3-7 working days) are ordered on-demand from our brand partners. Although we receive regular stock updates from our suppliers for all of these products, we're currently seeing some slower deliveries and more unexpected out-of-stock notifications than usual. Although this is only affecting a minority of orders, it's not up to our usual standards and we sincerely apologise.
  • Items showing 'Delivery from [date]' are on back-order, and we're also seeing more delays here than usual, particularly recently as a result of port delays.
  • Our sales team are always happy to specifically check any products not displaying an 'In Stock' message - simply visit our Help Hub for more support and ways to contact our team.
  • We’re still offering our usual 90-day exchange window, as well as 30-day refunds.
  • We can still arrange collection of your items as usual (charges may apply), but the same no-contact measures will apply as they do with deliveries. 
  • We promise we are doing everything in our power to minimise and solve these issues, but we want to be completely up front about the impacts of both Covid-19 and Brexit on our supply chain. The second half of 2020 has seen incredibly high demand within our industry, and quite honestly we weren't as prepared as we would have wanted.

Our Customers

  • Our delivery partners are exclusively making no-contact deliveries. For houses, this generally means our delivery partners will place items in your driveway, rear garden or garage as requested, while maintaining social distancing restrictions. If these locations aren't available, your items can be placed outside your house.
  • For flats and apartments, where possible and appropriate, our delivery partners will place items in the communal hallway or doorway.
  • Our delivery partners will not require you to physically sign for the goods. Instead, delivery teams will record a ‘Delivered on Authority’ status on your behalf.
  • All of our delivery partners are following social distancing measures and have sanitizer available to clean their hands between each delivery. For peace-of-mind, we would still advise that you wash your hands carefully after handling any parcels you receive - not just ours.


Our Team Members

  • The majority of our team members have been working from home since the middle of March. Our physical offices are closed to non-essential workers, but you can still reach us by email and live chat.
  • All of our team members remain securely employed. In fact, we've recruited over 50 new full-time staff since April 2020. 
  • We are being more flexible than ever with things like balancing work and childcare, and we have supplied IT equipment and furniture to many of our work-from-homers to ensure they are safe and comfortable.
  • One of our core principles is that you should have fun at work, so we’re doing what we can to help re-inject the social side of work into our remote teams. We were already used to using IT tools like Slack, Meet and Zoom, so we’re focusing on how we can keep people feeling connected and part of a wider team.
  • We’re conscious that mental health is being tested now more than ever. We’ve been offering video sessions with trained mental health and occupational psychology professionals for any team members finding things hard, and we've recently signed up to provide all of our employees access to Headspace.
  • We have reduced the number of employees working within our warehouse at any one time by introducing split shifts. The frequency of cleaning operations within our warehouse has been increased considerably. For example, high-risk touchpoints like door handles and kitchen equipment are disinfected every 2 hours. We also have a anti-bacterial fogging machine that is used to clean the entire warehouse regularly, and all of our warehouse team members are required to wear face-coverings and make use of readily available hand-sanitizer.
  • Customer collections have been suspended, with limited availability of free local delivery being offered instead.

It goes without saying that things are moving very quickly at the moment. The information above is accurate now, but may change without prior notice so we’d recommend checking back again.

From everyone at Only Radiators, please take care of yourself and those around you, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

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