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Electric Towel Rails

Picture stepping from the shower in winter, skin suddenly cold with goose bumps. Your towel is draped over the radiator and probably blocking the heat as usual. You shiver and reach for the towel. Ah. Disaster!

You didn't want to heat the entire house so you didn't turn the central heating on. So, wrapping the damp towel about your cold shoulders and ignoring the smell of mildew rising from it, you resolve to spend hours tomorrow looking at all the different electrical towel rails on offer. But don't bother: simply spend 10 minutes looking with our hand-picked selection of affordable radiators from the very best brands and the very best designers.

We've got everything you need to vastly improve your life, raise the value of your entire home, achieve a happier family bathroom, organise your towels, save hundreds in heating costs, and enjoy a soft, fluffy towel with each trip to the bath or shower. Using the handy filters on the left you can easily browse vertical and horizontal heated towel rails, in chrome or a variety of colours, from such brands as Brenton, Reina, and Thermosphere.

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