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Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

Electric Towel Rail – Why Do You Need One?

Why Would I Want an Electric Towel Rail?

It’s only natural that there’s a lot to question when it comes to electric towel radiator costs. There's the initial outlay of with purchasing, but how about the running costs afterwards?

Electric towel rails are highly affordable; they can be turned on and off instantly to provide localised heat which will help to reduce your electric bills. Electric towel rails are a great solution if your bathroom isn’t connected to your central heating system and rather than extending the pipework into your bathroom, you can simply connect a towel radiator to your mains electric supply.

Our Top Towel Rails

Our range of electric towel rails features an extensive collection of styles and finishes from some of our top designer brands. We’ve also got a range of different sizes from compact towel rails for small bathrooms cloakrooms, right up to large styles for family bathrooms. Before you pick out your perfect electric towel rail, pop the details of your bathroom into our BTU calculator, so you can be sure you get the correct size.

OK, let’s dive right into which heated towel rail might be right for you.

Brenton Apollo Electric Straight Chrome Heated Towel Rail

Perfect for smaller spaces, the Brenton Apollo straight towel rail is a fabulous choice due to its classic design and great heat output. 

Made from high quality mild steel with a durable polished chrome finish, this modern electric ladder towel rail is highly energy efficient with a low wattage that doesn’t compromise on heat output and comfort. The polished chrome finish will suit any bathroom design from modern to traditional and ensure your towels are warm and cosy all year round.

You can choose whether to opt for an on/off element with this towel rail or a thermostatic element which allows you to adjust the heating to your desired temperature.

It also comes with a reassuring 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind too.

Thermosphere Single Bar Heated Towel Rail

Adding a splash of contemporary luxury to your bathroom has never looked this good thanks to the minimalist aesthetic design of the Thermosphere bar.

Beautifully designed, this heated towel bar can be used singularly or paired with multiple rails to create a greater statement.

Crafted from premium grade stainless steel and using a low voltage of only 12V, this Thermosphere piece is extremely energy efficient and keeps running costs low meaning it’s great at heating up your home while also being kind to your wallet!

Safe to use in wet areas thanks to concealed wiring, the curved bar towel rail uses a dry electric element meaning it won’t need to be plumbed into your central heating, and won’t need pre-filling with fluid either.

If all of these wonderful features and the super aesthetic design haven’t quite convinced you, perhaps the comforting 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee will.

Crosswater MPRO Electric Brushed Brass Heated Towel Rail

Crosswater is the epitome of high-quality design and effortless style and this towel rail is just that. With a stunning brushed brass finish, this electric towel rail is perfectly suited to modern bathrooms and will add a touch of warmth to create a completely inviting space.

It has a temperature control dial with LED indicators to enable precise temperature control and has five temperature settings from 30°C to 60°C.

Also coming fit with a frost protected element and protection against overheating, this towel rail has all the safety features needed for a family bathroom and will truly stand the test of time.

What's more is that Crosswater offer a reassuring 15 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Terma Simple One Electric Heated Towel Rail with Heating Element

Next up is the classic Terma Simple towel rail in mattblack. If you have a classic monochrome bathroom, this electric towel rail could be the perfect option for you due to its striking design.

Terma excels in high quality heating and this towel rail is fit with two temperature settings with internal electronic sensors to maintain the correct temperature for your bathroom. It also has overheating protection and built-in frost protection to ensure it stands the test of time.

Crafted from low carbon mild steel, this towel rail is as durable as it is stylish and will look great in either a bathroom or kitchen. You can also choose from two different sizes to suit your space perfectly.

This clever towel rail is capable of wireless infrared communication with an external wall controller -  the Terma TTIR or Terma DTIR can both be used for this.

Terma Easy One Electric Heated Towel Rail with Heating Element - Sparkling Gravel

It's time for something a little different - The Terma One heated towel rail in sparkling gravel is perfect for the smallest of cloakrooms thanks to its compact, narrow design.

The modern design of this electric towel rail offers a touch of contemporary style to your space and will look great against a multitude of bathroom schemes thanks to its versatile design. 

It comes fit with a minimalist heating element which is almost completely internalised within the towel rail - the cable runs out through the bottom right mounting bracket so it can be channelled straight into the wall.

Choose from three different sizes and two heat settings of 45°C and 60°C to regulate the internal temperature.


We hope this guide has taught you something about electric towel rails - for more information, check out our comprehensive guide to heated towel rails.

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