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What your heated towel rail is made from matters; because the better the metal, the more responsive your towel rail. How responsive it is is the difference between turning your heated towel rail on and having it warm within the hour - or turning it on and it being toasty in moments, and a more responsive radiator translates to higher initial cost but lower long-term heating bills. This is extra important in rooms where your heated towel rail is also the main source of heat, such as in a cloakroom. So choose a metal that suits your inner interior designer, but remember that it's an investment in cheaper heating bills and your time - both of which are precious. Chrome and stainless steel are both gorgeous to look at and great choices for any home, with stainless steel being almost self-sufficient in its lack of maintenance requirements. Stainless steel doesn't rust, mark, stain or corrode so it barely needs any attention other than the attention given by jealous guests. Aluminium, while a softer material with a higher price, is a super-conducting wonder material that heats up within moments of being turned on. We only stock great products, handpicked by our experts, so there are no wrong choices, but make sure to choose the one you really, really want, because the more you spend now - the less you'll spend in the long run.

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