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Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

Stainless steel towel rails help to keep corrosion, rust, and stains at bay whilst providing a stylish addition to your bathrooms, cloakrooms and downstairs toilets. A stainless steel towel radiator is the perfect choice for a humid bathroom environment. 

Since the point of a stainless steel towel rail is to make your life better with minimal fuss, it makes sense to choose a finish that complements your purchase with an easy-to-clean finish that requires little maintenance. That way you can step out of the shower to a freshly warmed towel, organised and hung within reach. Then once you're done, you've got the perfect place to put it back to dry and turn fluffy once more. It's better than on the back of the chair, or left on the bed, or draped over a standard radiator which blocks the heat and costs you even more in heating bills. A stainless steel towel radiator is a great addition to any home, and a stainless steel heated towel rail is the perfect addition to your life. 

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