Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are precisely what central-heating in the UK needed to catch up with the ever-increasing value of floorspace in our modern homes. Once full of purely decorative items, homes are now filled with furniture, electronics, artwork, and more. So while horizontal radiators are still an excellent choice for many, there needs to be an alternative for those with a contemporary taste and a different flair for style. A vertical radiator frees up precious floor space while delivering the exact same amount of heat as horizontal rads, and the increased visibility means a designer vertical radiator is a clever way to enhance your home's look (and value) for a cheap price - even if your taste is as traditional, modern, or as contemporary as it gets. Since these new tall, upright radiators are more visible, manufacturers and their designers have let their creativity flow and provided you with a beautiful range of choices, which our interior design experts have carefully selected based on popularity, style, function, and build quality

Almost all vertical radiators are ideal for any room; they'll all get hot no matter where you put them. It's all up to your own creative vision. But, if you're lost for inspiration, how about - for the bedroom - a designer vertical radiator that also happens to be a mirror? Aluminium would be also ideal thanks to its quick heating properties, meaning those surprisingly cold mornings are remedied in an instant. As for the kitchen, how about a traditional-looking vertical column radiator, wall-mounted and finished in white to match the counter-tops (or anthracite for darker work surfaces)? Some even come with a single towel rail for tea-towels, cloths, and heating your trousers before you head to work in the morning (I'm talking from experience here, it's changed my life).

Speaking of towel rails, having a handy rail in your bathroom to hold your towels and warm them up should be an essential human right. Some vertical towel radiators are even just a stack of gorgeous chrome rails, sculpturally arranged to beauty the room as much as save you from damp towels. But, if you're not a fan, then as the most-visited room of the house by guests why not adorn the bathroom the same way as the main room - with a gorgeous statement piece of a radiator. Many of our beautiful vertical designer radiators look more like a work of art than home-heating.

Whatever your decision, we hope you can see our passion for radiators and our eagerness to help.