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National Radiator Day

When Is National Radiator Day?

November 1st 2020

What is National Radiator Day?

National Radiator Day takes place every year to highlight the great job radiators do to keep us warm and the importance of radiator maintenance. By November 1st, the majority of people have turned their central heating back on, so it's the perfect time to ensure your radiators are in good working order for winter, or upgrade them to something more stylish & efficient.

Horizontal Radiators


Horizontal Radiators have been a staple of the British home for decades. In the Only Radiators range there are a wide variety of different sizes and styles available, so you can choose a radiator to suit your home.

   Vertical Radiators


Vertical radiators are perfect for rooms with a lack of space, as they can produce a brilliant heat output with relatively small footprints. Our vertical radiator range includes a great selection of finishes, styles and sizes.

   Radiators: Quick Facts


  • The modern radiator we know today was invented in 1855

  • The average thermostat temperature for a UK home is 20.1°C

  • There are 2500 radiators in Buckingham Palace!

  • Radiators manufactured before 2000 can be up to 50% less efficient than modern radiators you can buy today.
   Heated Towel Rails


A towel rail will ensure your towels are dry whenever you need them whilst also keeping your bathroom nice and warm!

   Show Your Radiators Some Love!


To keep your radiators working as they should you need to make sure they are properly cleaned and maintained. This is something many people will forget to do but just a few hours work can make your heating system more efficient, great for the environment and your wallet!

Flush The Sludge

Sludge composed of dirt and rust particles can accumulate inside your radiator, which can make it difficult for water to move efficiently. This will lead to cold spots which will reduce the efficiency of your radiators. Take a look at our guide to find out how you can clear the sludge from your radiator.


Balance Your Radiators

Balancing radiators involves adjusting the valves on the radiators in your home so they all heat up at the same rate. If your radiators aren't balanced, some will be warmer than others, which can lead to hot and cold spots in your home. Luckily, we have a handy guide to help you balance your radiators yourself!


Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is an essential part of maintaining your heating system. Air can become trapped inside your radiators which can hamper their performance. By bleeding your radiators, you can release this trapped air which will help your radiators run more efficiently. To learn how you can bleed your own radiators, take a look at our guide.

   Stylish Radiators


Looking to add a touch of elegance to your home? Take a look at these brilliantly stylish designs.

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