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Column Radiators

Whether you own a period property or just want to add a touch of old fashioned class to your home, take a look at our range of stunning column radiators. These radiators give you the stunning traditional look you want, without the expense and lower efficiency of older radiators. Beautiful victoria style coupled with modern engineering and quality, it’s the best of both worlds.

Column radiators produce great heat outputs for their size and will also hold onto their heat for longer than other radiator types. They are available with different numbers of columns, so once you’ve calculated the heat output you need, you can find the right size for your home. Our column radiators are available in traditional horizontal and more modern vertical variants.

The classic finish for a column radiator is white and this will look great in any home. We also stock traditional radiators in grey and black finishes, perfect for anyone who wants to go a bit more bold.

As their looks would suggest, our Victorian radiators are built to last. Our column radiator range includes a great selection of top brands who will all offer generous guarantees.

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