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Living Room Radiators

Designer radiators for living rooms are surprisingly necessary. Image hanging a picture in your front room, yet it's entirely blank, having a boring radiator is exactly the same. People spend years perfecting the layout of their living rooms, adjusting furniture and making slight style changes, with the occasional complete makeover - yet they insist on boring radiators which clutter their walls with big plain rectangles which ruin the view and waste a great chance to inject a huge amount of style into your front room. A designer living room radiator is your breath of fresh air.

Even our selection of minimalist white radiators have style in their silhouettes and spirit in their edges. Our designer vertical & horizontal radiators practically leap from the wall and act as a magnet for the eye, and these same radiators fill your home with a cosy warmth. As much heat as you need, because they're hot, yet efficient too, because that's what's important - to have a radiator that is hot enough to heat a room, yet efficient enough to save you as much money as possible.

Choose from a hand-picked selection of renowned designer brands such as Butler & Rose, Aeon, and DQ, among many others, all topped with lengthy guarantees after extensive quality testing here in the UK.

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