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Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

The Best Space Saving Radiators For A Small Room

Keeping warm in the winter (as well as other seasons that may be colder than expected) is essential not only for good health, but also for the maintenance of your property, as a warm home can help prevent condensation and mould from forming.  Keeping a room at the right temperature by using compact radiators will ultimately help your home become more comfortable and inviting, ensuring that your home is your sanctuary.

Having a warm room applies to every room in the house, especially small rooms! The limited dimensions of a small space should not prevent you from heating it properly. Take advantage of our expertise to help you find a creative and efficient solution to a lack of space. We will help ensure that you will obtain one of the best space saving radiators.

Plan Ahead - Use Our BTU Calculator

Avoid overspending and get it right the first time by using our BTU calculator. Our calculator is great at preventing any unnecessary disasters. Make sure you have a tape measure and the correct room dimensions. This is so we can let you know what you're BTU requirement is.

Once you know your BTU requirement, make a note of it along with the height and width you’d like your new radiator to be. After you have all the relevant information, head on over the left-hand side of our website. Here you'll find out filtering options. They’re simple and easy to navigate. If you're still having trouble finding the perfect space saving radiators for you, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Don’t Be Afraid To Think Small - Compact Radiators

One of the best solutions for heating a room with a limited amount of space is to install compact radiators. One might look small in size but do not underestimate them! They are more than capable of heating the entire room efficiently and effectively.

So, without further ado - let's get stuck into our different types of compact radiators!

Space Saving Vertical Radiators

You may have some wall space available on a vertical front, but be struggling with the prospect of a wide radiators, which is where slimline radiators comes in. Vertical radiators are great for fitting in to that awkward piece of space that you can utilise by adding some stylish, small heating.

No matter the slimline shape, vertical radiators offer a modern look and provide a high heat output despite their smaller size. Let's take a peek at some top picks below.

Space Saving Horizontal Radiators

If a space saving vertical radiators isn't what you're after, perhaps a small horizontal radiator will help. 

Slimline horizontal radiators work well in the smallest of spaces, whilst smaller horizontal radiators are ideal if you just don't have the height for a vertical radiator. Perhaps you've got a wall mounted TV or a window that has some space underneath that would be the perfect fit for a horizontal radiator.

Take the plunge and have a look at our favourites below, or shop the full range if you don't quite find the one!

Space Saving Electric Radiators

Not only are electric radiators just as beautiful to look at as other radiators, but they're super practical too. You may be concerned that an electric radiator cost more to run, but this isn't true at all; when you turn an electric radiator on, you're heating the room you need it to; when you turn your central heating on, you're heating the room you need it to plus every other room you don't need it to - so which one of those sounds like the more costly waste of resources?

How about we take a peek at some of our top electric radiators that would be perfect for smaller hallways or bedrooms, or just about wherever you'd like them!

Space Saving Designer Radiators

For something a little special, delve into the world of designer radiators. These beauties make a real statement in the home, without skimping out on the practical details.

Heat your home in style with a designer radiator, and whilst you're here, why not take a peek at some of our greatest hits below?

Charm Your Walls With Space Saving Heated Towel Rails

When it comes to heating a small space, the bathroom will often require the most thought and imagination. In many situations, it tends to be the smallest room in many houses. Be creative and get those thoughts flowing by deciding to incorporate a compact towel radiator. These types of space saving radiators can solve all your problems as they are multipurpose. It will do a fantastic job of heating your room and look good whilst doing so. It can also free up some valuable cupboard space by holding your towels and keeping them nice and warm.

Heated towel rails come in a range of different styles, designs and sizes, so if you think you're compromising by using a heated towel rail instead of a radiator, remove that thought! You can still put your personal signature and stamp on the room by selecting from the large selection of heated towel rails that we offer without compromising on heat efficiency. With the right bathroom accessories, you will see that the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences.

To make placing a space saving radiator in your bathroom an even easier task, we have a selection of compact heated towel rails that range in size from 300mm - 600mm, all of which can be installed in the most appropriate location for you and can be conveniently placed in the smallest of bathrooms.

Have a look at some of our favourites below.

The Ultimate Space Saving Radiator - Underfloor Heating

When space is tight, doing away with a radiator altogether can seem like a good idea, but this will be a less appealing prospect when the room constantly feels cold. However, this becomes less of a dilemma when you consider underfloor heating.

Installing underfloor heating means that you do not have to worry about the size of a radiator. Underfloor heating conveniently hidden beneath the flooring.

The heat underneath your floorboards will cover a large surface. This in turn means that when the floor is heated and the warm air rises, heat is distributed throughout the room more evenly and thoroughly. Not only will you save space on your walls to make your room feel more spacious, but you can also maintain your room's decor and avoid any interruption to decorative techniques you have already used.   


Pick The Right Radiator!

When it comes to compact radiators it can be a confusing journey towards choosing the right one. We can imagine how tough this journey must be when you're looking for a space saving compact radiator. We hope this article has provided you with some insight into some of the different options available.

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