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What are the Best Electric Towel Rails 2024?

Here’s our round up of the best electric towel rails of 2024. Plus, tips and information on what to consider before buying one of these radiators for your home. 

Electric towel rails are a great addition to your bathroom. Not only do they add style, but they also help to maintain a pleasant environment in your space. A heated towel rail’s primary function is to provide a place for your towels to stay warm and dry and at arm’s reach when you step out of the shower or bath. But they can also add warmth to your room and help to minimise condensation and mould. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the things you need to know before buying this type of radiator for your home, touch on the different options available to you and the choice of styles on offer. Plus, our heating experts have handpicked 6 of the best electric towel rails to help you choose the right one.

Here’s a list of quick links to the sections we’ll cover in this blog. 

Why choose electric towel rails?

How does an electric towel rail work?

Factors to consider when buying electric towel rails

6 of the best electric towel rails


Why choose electric towel rails

Electric towel rails offer all the benefits that come with owning a heated towel rail using just your electricity supply to heat up, as opposed to being plumbed into your water supply and central heating. You can also choose to install a dual fuel option which means the towel rail can be operated by both electricity and your central heating - more on this to come!

Electric towel rails are a great option for those who want to isolate their heating to the bathroom. Or for those who don’t have their bathroom connected to the central heating system at all. This eliminates the need for costly plumbing work to extend pipework into your bathroom. 

Whether for drying towels or to help with condensation, these handy bathroom accessories provide greater flexibility when it comes to your heating. 

For many homes, having the option to limit heating to one room can help to save on energy bills, especially if you are lucky enough to have solar panels installed. You can also enjoy the cosy feel of warm towels after your shower all year round without wasting energy heating your entire home when it’s not necessary. 


How does an electric towel rail work?

There are actually two main types of electric towel rails available on the market:

  • Thermal fluid

  • Dry thermal 

Thermal fluid 

Thermal fluid towel rails are the most common. They are usually designed in a ladder shape which looks super stylish on your bathroom wall. They are pre-filled with a special thermal liquid which is activated when the radiator is turned on. They can be slow to heat up and you might notice some cold spots at first but will eventually settle to provide an even spread of heat across the radiator. These types of radiators are great at retaining the heat so even when the towel rail is switched off they are slow to cool giving you lasting warmth and making them extremely efficient.

Dry thermal 

The other type is dry thermal. Most commonly designed with a flatter panel profile, but also available in ladder designs too due to the popularity of this style. These are operated by heated wire on the inside. They can be quicker at heating up but don’t offer the same level of output as thermal fluid options. You will find that dry thermal towel rails usually only add warmth to the immediate space around them. So great for heating towels but not so great at keeping your space warm. 

The Brenton Apollo Electric Straight Chrome Heated Towel Rail is a thermal fluid option.
The Thermosphere Square Dry Electric Towel Rail is an example of a dry thermal option.

Factors to consider when buying electric towel rails

There are a few things you need to think about before deciding on which electric towel rail to go for. Let’s take a look at the most important considerations. 

1. Size 

Heated towel rails are extremely popular in the bathrooms because they can add warmth to the room as well as a handy place to warm and store towels. We recommend using our BTU Calculator before purchasing any type of heated towel rail or radiator to check the specific requirements for your space. It will also show you what wattage requirement is needed. 

In addition, because of the warmth they provide, electric towel rails can help to manage condensation and reduce mould in your bathroom. Condensation forms when moisture in the air after you shower forms into water droplets which settle on cooler surfaces. If left, over time this can result in deterioration and mould. Provided you have the right size towel rail for your space, it can help to maintain the perfect temperature across all areas in your bathroom to reduce condensation. 


2. Heating controls 

Controlling your electric towel rail couldn’t be simpler. There are a few options available today depending on your preference. You usually have a straight-forward on-off switch much like all your electrical appliances. But, many electric towel rails are now also sold with the option of manual thermostatic controls too. These allow you to choose and adapt the optimum temperature for your bathroom, which can be better if you are hoping to warm your space as well as your towels. These will also have the option to set a timer function to programme when and for how long you would like your towel rail to come on for.  Great if you’re one to forget to switch off! And finally, there are now smart thermostats which provide even greater control over the heating schedule you want to implement via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as efficiency and safety monitoring functions.

3. Style & design 

With so much emphasis on aesthetics and home décor these days, you’ll be pleased to know that choosing an electric towel rail to match your bathroom is easy! There are plenty of shapes, styles and designs to pick from in a range of finishes. Whether shiny chrome, traditional white, trendy brushed brass or muted anthracite is your style, there is an electric towel rail to match.

4. Installation

When it comes to installation, we would always recommend that you use a registered electrician to fit an electric towel rail. In all cases, it will require some degree of wiring so it’s always the right choice to get a professional to do it. They will also need to survey the area you have chosen for installation to make sure there is no pipework or electrical wires where you intend to drill. In fact, where you decide to place your towel rail will also depend on its IP rating. This will tell you how splash proof your towel rail is and which bathroom zone it can be installed in. 

Have a read of this blog to find out more about bathroom electrical zones

5. Is dual fuel better? 

Dual fuel towels rails are another option to consider as a way to keep your bathroom and towels warm all year round. These can generate heat using both central heating and electricity. This means in the winter you can run it efficiently on your central heating system and in the warmer months of the year when the heating is usually turned off, you still have the option of using your towel rail solely with electricity. If you already have pipework into your bathroom then this might be a worthwhile option, especially if you're looking for an adequate heat source as well. Remember, you still need regularly maintain the towel rail as you do with your other central heating radiators in your home, such as periodical bleeds and cleaning

We’ve got all the juice on this in our Dual Fuel Towel Rails Buying Guide


6 of the best electric towel rails

Now, for the best bit! We asked our heating experts to handpick some of their favourite electric towel rails to help you make the right choice for you and your home. 

1. Best for budget 

Brenton Apollo Electric Curved Chrome Heated Towel Rail - 22mm - 1000 x 500mm

If you’re looking to inject some style into your space without spending lots of money then the Brenton Apollo with a curved chrome ladder design is sure to make an impact. Made from mild steel for durability, the shiny polished finish looks elegant in all bathrooms and the curved profile offers a 3D effect on your wall. This towel rail also comes with a choice of a simple on-off switch or an added thermostatic element for greater control over temperature and timing. There is also a 5-year manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. 

2. Best for style 

Crosswater MPRO Electric Brushed Brass Heated Towel Rail

For fans of brands, the Crosswater MPRO is one of the latest additions to our range. Finished in stunning brushed brass guaranteed to add a golden glow to your morning routine. This lovely design looks effortlessly stylish and luxurious and has three different size options to help you find the right one for your bathroom. With a flat profile, it fits nicely flush to the wall and works well in small or large spaces. What’s more, this electric towel rail has a temperature sensor and illuminated LED indicators for more precision control. You can choose from five temperature settings, and even a boost mode. This gives a burst of heat when you need to jump in the shower quickly and want a lovely warm towel when you come out. Crosswater also provides a 15 year guarantee for all registered models. 

3. Best to make a statement 

Terma Easy One Electric Heated Towel Rail with Heating Element - Sparkling Gravel - 3 Sizes

Looking for something a bit different? This beautiful Terma towel rail hits in all the right places. Made from a low carbon mild steel and available in three different sizes, this towel rail has a textured gravel finish to really make an impact on your bathroom aesthetic. Furthermore, there are two heat settings to help you regulate temperature. If you love your gadgets, then you’ll also love the fact this towel rail can operate over wireless infrared communication - but this is done by an external wall controller sold separately so make sure to budget for that. Another cool feature is that this model has built-in frost protection so there’s little chance it will freeze or overheat making it entirely efficient.

4. Best for small spaces 

Brenton Apollo Electric Straight Chrome Heated Towel Rail - 22mm - 800 x 500mm

Brenton also has a smaller straight version of its Apollo towel rail which suits a bathroom where space is limited. Finished in a stunning polished chrome and available with either a standard on-off or thermostat element to control. The straight profile sits flush to the wall making it easy to install where you need it. This is a fantastic towel rail that will suit most spaces and is a great price point making this handy bathroom accessory affordable for all. Brenton has fast become well known for its quality with heating experts and offer a revered and affordable range of traditional and modern radiators. 

5. Best for luxury 

Terma Alex One Electric Heated Towel Rail with Heating Element

Next up is the Terma Alex. This beautiful electric towel rail has a strong presence, finished in a luxurious brushed brass and comes with an unusual stacked ladder design with sweeping C-shaped bars to hang your towels on. Sophisticated, stylish, luxury - words that have become synonymous with Terma’s design. The brand focuses on exquisite design details and quality materials to produce heating accessories that stand out. This particular model has built-in frost and overheating protection and an 8 year guarantee - this is guaranteed to make a statement on your bathroom or home office wall.

6. Best for larger spaces 

Brenton Hestia Electric Straight Heated Towel Rail

Finally, another Brenton towel rail that has some real presence for larger spaces. The Hestia model is available in white and anthracite and three size options. A solid, straight profile ladder design fits flush to the wall and the modern colours give it a little bit of an edge for your space. You know it’s quality thanks to the Brenton brand and this is constructed from solid, lasting steel for peace of mind. 

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We hope this has been a useful guide for you and helpful when it comes to making your decision to buy an electric towel rail. Browse our full range of electric towel rails and dual fuel towel rails with prices and styles to suit all budgets.

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