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8 of the Best Radiator Colours for Your Home

Here’s our round up of the best radiator colours for your home. Why not spruce up your home with one of these beautiful and stylish accessories.

As the trend for colourful homes truly blooms, we’ve scoured our website for the very best radiator colours that are sure to add a unique dimension to your home. So, if you’re on the lookout for simple and effective ways to add a splash of colour - this could very well be it!

From bright shades to sophisticated neutrals, radiator colours have become so much more over the last few years. Here’s how you can jump on the trend and be ready for a vibrantly cosy home this autumn.

If you're partial to a spot of DIY, make sure to read our guide on how to paint a radiator.

1. Pink

If it's colour you're after then what better way to make a statement. Pink in any shade adds an element of creativity to a space and really pulls far away from the norm.

We love the colour pink in small, large and even vertical radiators to lift and add dimension to a family kitchen, put a personal stamp in a small apartment and even create wow factor in the bedroom.

2. Orange

Another colour that's really going to create an impact at home is orange! Let's face it, orange is certainly the new black when it comes to radiators - and it's making a real name for itself in interiors in 2023.

Whether it's a softer apricot shade or a more vibrant tangerine, making a splash with a colour like orange is going to bring so much joy to your space. We love an orange radiator to breathe new life into dull hallways, but it has power to transform any room. 

3. Green

One colour which is having somewhat of a moment in 2023 is green. Where more neutral shades of sage have been in vogue before, this year the shades making noise are jewel tones like emerald and more striking like lime.

You can really weave this shade into any part of your home, teaming with bold furniture and prints for maximum impact. Or, if you want to tone it down a little, accessorise with more neutral and natural effects and let the green radiator do all the talking. 

4. Black and Anthracite 

While black may not be the first thought when you think about radiators colours, this look has a super slick and sophisticated appeal and offers a completely new outlook to conventional white.

For modern and contemporary homes that don't like to shout with bright colour, black and anthracite radiators complete a feature wall making things stylish all year round! 

5. Gold

That golden glow has created real impact across interiors - it's the perfect effect for statement pieces adding a touch of rich aesthetic to any space.

So, how about choosing it for your radiators! Oh yes, our range of brushed brass radiators from The Tap Factory are simply divine and if you're looking to reach new heights with your interior design, we promise these will get you there!

6. Chrome 

Another metallic effect for the home which adds plenty of style is chrome or accessories with a stainless steel construction, like this designer look from Aeon Labren.

This colour and shape really takes radiators to a new level, where they are so much more than a heat source, it borders on wall art and we love it! 

7. Blue 

Blue interiors are still popular whether that's a deep navy or electric blue shade. It gives a home a sophisticated vibe and pairs well with white walls and neutral accessories. Makes sense then that we've seen even more demand for blue radiators over the last few years. 

Our range has radiators in teal as well as a much more on trend pastel blue, which is really seeing popularity across interiors. A perfect shade to brighten up the home and add a fresh touch to your space. 

8. Yellow

If you really want to shake up your space and add a pop of colour then yellow is the answer! They say yellow is the colour of happiness and we have to agree. What we're seeing is a trend for a slightly more matte effect in mustard shades and this is also true of accessories - even radiators. 

Our range of yellow radiators come in various shapes and sizes from standard rectangle to vertical and even art deco inspired designer structures - all guaranteed to give a real boost to your mood, as well as your interior design! 

Bespoke radiator colours 

Why limit yourself when you don’t have to. We also offer bespoke radiator colours so you can easily match the rest of your home’s aesthetic with ease. You can easily customise these radiators to your colour choice. 

Other types of radiators we love 

If you are unsure of which type of radiator you want for your home then don’t worry! We’ve put together this handy buying guide to show you how to choose your perfect radiator

Long gone are the days where every radiator was finished white and rectangle in size. There are many different options to choose from - as well as the conventional style too, if that’s what you like! 

From aluminium radiators which offer a quicker and more efficient heat source to vertical radiators that make it easy to fit to any wall in the home, and even designer radiators that double as art, you’ve got a lot more choice at your fingertips. 

All set on the radiator you need for your home? Don’t forget that buying from us here at Only Radiators means you’ll benefit from our expert help and advice. You can speak to our sales and product advice team via email or live chat to answer any questions you may have. 

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