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Horizontal Radiators

Without horizontal radiators, winter used to be months of freezing temperatures, everyone huddled together in a single-room cabin and warding off frostbite with a talisman bought from the local witch. Now the only suffering during winter is the endless news-alerts about 'snow-apocalypses'. That's how radiators transformed our lives, and now our radiators are going to transform it even more. There's better, more efficient, and far better looking choices than the regular horizontal radiators the world has become accustomed to. The below range of horizontal radiators have proven themselves as life-improving and life-saving additions to any home, perfect for the creative, alternative, and classy. You need a reliable radiator and you need a radiator that's nice to look at too - otherwise you're stuck staring at an ugly block of metal on your wall every day of every season of every year. Luckily for you we don't sell ugly white radiators, we only sell gorgeous white horizontal radiators (and lots of colourful ones too) made by the very best brands like DQ and Brenton. Because if you're going to avoid freezing during winter, it's best to invite a quality radiator into your home to keep your family cosy.

Lacquered bare metal or stainless steel? Black or white? Traditional or modern? There are options for everyone, in a variety of shape of sizes to fit inside any room of the home. There's also a choice of materials, not just for looks, but for function: aluminium for a super-responsive radiator that heats up in moments, mild steel for a radiator that holds its heat long after turned off (ideal for drafty homes), or stainless steel for a radiator that requires almost no maintenance for years to come.

Quickly find what you need using the filters on the left, or simply browse until something catches your eye. Just make sure you click into any products that seem interesting, as many have customisable options such as finish and size which you might not see from the thumbnail previews.

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