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A Hall Radiator is the Best Way to Heat Your Hallway After All

The hallway is the gateway to your property and should be a key focus in your home heating solutions.

But with children leaving doors open, the intrusive cold and, most importantly, the sheer cavernous space of it all, how do you most effectively heat your hallway?

It’s a tough ask to find the right hall radiator but our experts are on-hand to make it easy for you.

Read on for our quick and complete guide on how to heat your beautiful hallways using a hall radiator from our range of radiator home heating options.

Why Choose a Hallway-Specific Radiator?

The sheer difference in house design creates a huge variety from hallway to hallway. They span wildly in shape, volume, material and more, ranging from quaint entry-points to spacious, vaulted arenas.

So what’s the common factor? Well, that the hall radiator has to heat a much larger space than the average room-based unit!

A hallway-specific radiator is a unit that is stylish enough to be integrated seamlessly into your hallway décor and strong enough to provide a suitable BTU output (read on to discover your BTU rating using our nifty calculator)

And whatever model you select, there are many ways to boost its potential.

How to Effectively Use Your Hall Radiator

It makes sense to integrate a new hall radiator when coming up with hallway decorating ideas. After all, why bother redesigning the centrepiece of your home for it to be dragged down by a tired, old radiator?

Positioning your Hallway Radiator

Unless your hallway design is focused around a stunning antique radiator, you will likely choose an understated radiator that complements the surrounding aesthetic without stealing focus.

But of course, none of this matters if the rest of your home is not adequately prepared for our harsh (and overlong) winters, so here’s some handy tips to ensure your hallway is suitably hot.

Loft Insulation

  • Heat naturally rises so it is key to ensure your loft insulation is up-to-date
  • Modern insulation depths should be at least 100-170mm thick
  • The area directly above your hallway should be as thick as 270mm to minimise top-end home heat loss

Curtains and Drapes

  • An often-overlooked element of effective hallway heating is your choice of curtains
  • Floor-length drapes look impressive and, when used properly, can assist in insulating your hallway


  • If the point of focus in your hallway is a grand piece of hardwood furniture then ensure that it does not obstruct your hallway radiator. This will reduce your radiator’s effectiveness
  • Don’t be afraid of changing your pipework if it’s the only solution. The cost will likely be eclipsed by years of reduced energy bills

Windows and Doors

  • Regardless of your hallway heating solution, significant amounts of heat can escape from doors and windows
  • Position your radiator away from the door and windows to minimise heat loss through these ports
  • Consider double-glazing your windows for instant savings on heating bills. This will remove the need to place radiators beneath windows and save on heat loss
  • Add insulation strips to windows and door frames as well as brushing along the bottoms of doors to reduce cold draughts (more on that below!)

Performing general home maintenance is a great way to ensure the efficacy of your modern home heating systems, as without the proper environment our radiators cannot fully serve their purpose.

So get modern and get warm! If you are considering any of the above advice but unsure what steps to take, our experts would be delighted to advise you.

Hallway Size and BTU Accuracy

The perfect radiator for your hallway depends on your home’s BTU reading. This represents the British Thermal Units required to heat your space.

As a result, your reading will tell us how to retain heat in your home for the best value and with the utmost efficiency. Just follow the simple steps and our experts will be able to help you optimise your radiator home heating.

Remove Your Draughts

Many homes suffer from a pesky cold draught. Most even experience a breeze running through the house from a visible gap in the front door.

Throw away that under door draught excluder and check out our range of underfloor heating for luxurious, all-encompassing heating. Combine with our range of thermostats to ensure your hallway stays heated at incredible value.

While homes with carpet benefit more from radiators, hallways that feature wooden or tile flooring can reap the most benefits from underfloor heating, as well as taller homes due to vertical heat transfer.

And of course, underfloor heating lives up to its stealthy name for easy integration into your hallway decorating ideas.

Our Range of Hall Radiators

Only Radiators stocks a fantastic range of hall radiators in a range of designs to accentuate your ideas for hallway design and heating. Take a look at some of our top picks or shop the whole range.

Shop All Hallway Radiators

Vertical Radiators benefits:

The sheer size and adaptability of the vertical radiator means it's often is the best hall radiator to heat your hallway.

They effectively deal with vaulted areas by minimising possible vertical heat escape. They do this by reaching alongside staircases and filling hollows. This circulates heat effectively through large areas.

They also offer excellent stylistic matches with hallway furniture and hallway mirrors. This will maximise wall space and complement modern hallway decorating ideas.

Let’s Get Heated!

Only Radiators stocks modern home heating systems to meet all designs and budgets.  Speak to our experts now and solve your hallway heating issues.

Check up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas. You can even sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!

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