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Slimline Electric Radiators: Choosing, Buying, and Looking After Them

Slimline electric radiators are renowned as the saviours of the space-conscious. And there are so many other benefits to them as well, which you can find below. Here are your essential tips for choosing, buying, and looking after a slimline electric radiator.

Slimline Electric Radiators:

Slimline Electric Radiators: Fuss Free and Space Saving

Slimline electric radiators are ideal for even the smallest spaces, especially if there's no available plumbing. For example, your shed and garage are two places where space and accessible plumbing are difficult; but slimline electric radiators are the ideal answer to heating any room or space. As long as there's electric, you can mount slimline electric radiators there for a great space-saving radiator.

Slimline Electric Radiators UK Running Costs: Myth Busting

It's no secret that electricity in the UK is a more expensive fuel than gas where your central heating is concerned. But what people often forget is that you can turn on an electric radiator without turning on your entire central heating. So rather than heating more rooms than you need, you only heat the one - that's surely far more cost effective than a gas radiator.

Not to mention the savings of not having to have your plumbing rearranged. And of course, sometimes you don't have a choice. Either way, saving money on heating bills is simply about awareness. Make sure you calculate your BTU needs and you'll be fine.

Slimline Electric Radiators for the Bathroom: Use an Electrician!

There are specific rules about where you can install electrical equipment in a bathroom. You could look these up yourself and research how to not accidentally kill yourself, but if you have to look it up in the first place then please just get an electrician; they're far cheaper than a funeral.

Slimline Electric Radiators: Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted?

Slimline electric radiators wall mounted in a bathroom or a cloakroom can free up a lot of valuable space. Space that would be perfect for that new bathroom furniture unit or a larger basin. You can floor-mount electric radiators too, but since they're so lightweight and slim, why not take a look at the space you need to heat and see if you can't free up even more space? Slimline electric radiators wall mounted can be an incredible space-saving heating solution.

Choosing a Slimline Electric Radiator

Are You Buying for the Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Cloakroom (etc)?

First, ask what room it's for. If you're looking for a slimline electric radiator for the bathroom, then why not go for one with an additional towel rail installed? If you're looking for a slimline electric radiator for a cloakroom, then you won't need a lot of BTU - so you can choose the slimmest electric radiator you find without worrying about heat output. If you're looking for a slimline electric radiator for the kitchen, you could go either way - or choose a nice designer slimline electric radiator to add considerable style.

How Much to Spend on a Slimline Electric Radiator?

The secret to never spending more than you need is to use our money-saving BTU calculator. A BTU calculator tells you exactly how powerful a radiator you need. Each radiator has its own BTU rating, and each room has its own BTU requirement. You can make up that BTU using 1 or multiple radiators, as long as you either match or have slightly more than you need and turn it down - you'll be fine.

Maintaining Your Electric Slimline Radiators: No Boiler, No Pipes, No Problems

Maintaining your electric slimline radiators are as easy as looking after any electric radiator.

Wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it. Wipe it with a dry cloth to dust it.

No boiler to break down. No plumbing hidden in the walls to corrode or leak and get blocked up with sludge. No bleeding needed. Easy.

Buying a Slimline Electric Radiator

So there you have it. All the reasons you need to take the next step in purchasing a slimline electric radiator. They're economic, efficient, space-saving, far easier, and they're far more friendly to the environment.

Let's take a peek at some of our top picks below and then be sure to check out our full range too!

Interested to find out our favourite slim radiators? Read our new guide here.


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