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How to Heat a Small Bathroom

Welcome once again to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we share with you the definitive guide on heating a small bathroom, featuring some of the fantastic products that you can find stocked by our expansive online store.

It may sound simple – stick with us and it certainly will be – but heating a small bathroom can actually prove to be quite the delicate balance, as it is far easier than you may think to either overcompensate or under-provide when it selecting the optimal small bathroom heating units for your spatially slender bathing arena.

But before we get to all that, let us equip you with the one tool you need to make your search a whole lot easier – both for your small bathroom and any other room whose radiators you wish to renew in the future…

BTUs & You

As we browse some of our fantastic stocked items in this article, do keep in mind that the key to accurately heating small bathrooms is calculating the correct BTU that the size of your bathroom requires.

A BTU or British Thermal Unit is used to measure thermal energy and equates to the energy needed to raise 1lb of water by 1°F at sea level.

You can easily discover the BTU amount that your small bathroom requires by measuring its dimensions then entering them into our handy BTU Calculator. Once you have your figure in mind, you can then cross-reference it with the BTU readings put out by each of our radiators.

You can find this figure listed in the product description of every radiator on our online store. And you can then prep your small bathroom heating with new levels of accuracy.

Heated Towel Radiators

Let us begin with the king of small bathroom heating options – the heated towel radiator. These fantastically versatile units are the most common bathroom heating method and work superbly for small bathroom heating due to their compact size.

First up, we have selected the Brenton Avezzano White Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail in 650 x 400mm sizing. Costing just £79.99 and presented in a stunning gloss white finish, this is a fantastic small bathroom heating option due to its demure proportions and lesser BTU readings.

This first selection, for example, delivers a heat output of 937 BTU at 50ºc and 1184 BTU at 60ºc – perfect for drying towels and keeping small rooms toasty as you get ready in those cold winter mornings, yet not powerful enough to start melting the paint off the walls!

Brenton also provide this stunning small bathroom heater in stylish Anthracite finish for just £10 more. Its low carbon steel construction is of the highest quality with inners that have been anti-rust coated for the longest performance.

And if your bathroom requires a little more heating power, Brenton have you covered with the Brenton Avezzano Chrome Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail sized at 1600 x 600mm. At £259.99, this great value towel rail is perfect for heating bathrooms that are small yet not so tiny, delivering a resounding output of 2268 BTU at 50ºc and 2867 BTU at 60ºc.


Its gleaming chrome construction is the perfect statement piece to conclude modern bathrooms of any size, with multiple rail design providing endless drying potential for families of any size. This unit should not only be considered as heating for small bathrooms, either – why not fit two within a larger bathroom for a stylish space age heating finish?

Each of the pieces we have covered features Brenton’s reliable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, though we have only just scratched the surface…

To discover countless more of the best towel rails for small bathroom heating, head to our site to find our full range of towel rails. Whether you are seeking a traditional towel radiator to match your small bathroom style or a modern designer towel radiator to launch your intergalactic bathroom design, Only Radiators has you covered – simply keep that BTU figure in mind and go wild.

And now for something totally different…

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating doesn’t get quite the amount of attention that perhaps it should, yet is an unmistakable quality option when it comes to heating a small bathroom.

As you may have discovered in our earlier blog on the topic, underfloor heating is often a more cost-effective option when heating smaller bathrooms – and here’s exactly why…

The electric design of underfloor heating enables you to reach a room’s required temperatures significantly quicker than traditional radiators, and its totally confusion-free installation makes for a low maintenance approach.

Overall, it is the simplicity of an underfloor heating system that defines its appeal – simply lay your underfloor heating cut to specific sizes just like you would a rug.

Here is the Comfortzone 100W/m2 Underfloor Heating Mat Set that starts at just £44.99 per m2. Its 100 watt output per m2 output makes this Comfortzone design the perfect heating power for your smaller bathroom.


It’s fully safety tested up to and beyond 2500v as well as in fully wet areas, with a fully self-adhesive mesh layup, miniscule 3.5mm cable for seamless routing, and a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Remember that underfloor heating must be laid before the floor itself, meaning that it isn’t the best option if you’ve just shelled out on a swanky new tile floor for your small bathroom. If you’re still in the construction phase, it’s a great option. If not, then you’ll just have to stick with our range of stunning towel radiators. Poor you…

All Year Round

With your small bathroom being such a versatile space, why not ensure that your small bathroom heating is every bit as flexible?

Most of the heated towel radiators that we stock at Only Radiators are dual fuel-compatible, meaning that they can be run either electrically or via your central heating for total year-round flexibility.

And of course, the thermostatic control panel that you fit alongside your underfloor heating will unlock just as much small bathroom heating flexibility – so you need not crank on the central heating every time you wish to heat your small bathroom.

Consider the position of your small bathroom within your home and you will be able to hone in further on the level of heating provision required. Is it nestled in a warm nook between an often-populated kitchen and living room – or is it at the very top end of your home next to a couple of seldom-used spare rooms? Dual fuel may be more essential in one case, while traditional supply may be fine in others.

Toasty Feet

Small bathroom heating ideas do not actualise in wall- or floor-mounted options. In fact, of the many ways that you can enhance the cosiness of your small bathroom, quality rugs are one of the cheapest and most effective solutions. And when we’re asked where to find the best bathroom mats we direct you guys over to our friends at MADE.

Just look at their Alto 100% Cotton Bath Mat in Elephant Grey – crafted of premium cotton out in Portugal, measuring 800 x 500mm and costing a delightful £15. The Alto is also available in a longer 1100 x 500mm option for just £19 and, with both sizes available in colourways such as Grey Putty, Azure Blue and Mustard, they provide a great starting point for finding that fluffy crowning glory for your small bathroom.

If you were too late to the party of underfloor heating and could not dream of ripping up your wonderful new tiling any decade soon, then a rug is all it takes to avoid the intimidating chill of winter upon your feet as you shuffle into the bathroom each morning.

Check out Made for many rugs just like the Alto as well as a bountiful bunch of other small bathroom accessories like lights, storage units and other furnishings.

Small is the New Huge

Once you focus in your search with our BTU calculator and narrow down the level of heat provision you require, then speccing your small bathroom heating will become a joy.

Take your time and everything will be just fine – that is exactly what we have been telling our customers for years as we help them create the most beautiful, warm and inviting small bathroom designs – from radiators and underfloor heating to bathroom rugs and so much more.

Here to Help

Our friendly support team are here at all times to help you with your query so please do not hesitate to reach out to us right here.

Whether it is design advice that you seek or some technical information regarding a potential new dual fuel towel radiator for your small bathroom heating – we will be delighted to provide our two cents.

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