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Anthracite and Black Radiators: The Best of the Best

Welcome back to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we take you lucky lot on an examination into two of the most stylish types of designer radiator out right now: anthracite radiators and black radiators. 

No doubt you have already seen in shops, on our website and in the homes of friends and family just how stunning these designer radiators can be. Anthracite and black radiators bring a touch of inimitable style to any room throughout the home, providing home heating renovators with the perfect accent for a monochrome set up or contrast for a bright, white space. 

And right here, on our wonderful online store, you will discover that there are not only many to choose from but that they have also never been more affordable.

Join us as we dive into the dark side of designer radiators and share the Only Radiators team’s best of the best anthracite radiators and black radiators.

Brenton Olympus Horizontal 2 Column Radiator - Anthracite

Let’s kick things off with this fantastic Brenton Olympus horizontal anthracite radiator available to add some pizzazz to your home right now.

The stylish anthracite finish gives this radiator the upmost character and style, with a traditional column style that will add a touch of class to your home.

This gorgeous radiator is constructed from long lasting, high quality, low carbon mild steel giving it the upmost durability.

It's also available in 6 sizes, allowing you to customise the radiator to the amount of space you have.

Hudson Reed Revive with Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator - Anthracite

Next up is the Revive anthracite designer radiator, also by Hudson Reed and available in single panel and double panel options depending on your heating needs.

This vertical anthracite radiator features an anti-fog mirror housed between six ovalised heating tubes finished in Hudson Reed’s remarkable matte anthracite tone.

This beautiful anthracite piece also saves space thanks to its tall and thin dimensions.

Equipped with a remarkable 20 year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind, the Revive  really is rather special.

It is every bit as stunning as it is functional, the perfect anthracite home heating addition to your powder or dressing room.

With a pretty astonishing heat output between 2484 or 4960 at BTU 60°C, you'll certainly never need those ugly winter jumpers again. Your home is bound to be cosy as can be, all thanks to this wonderful anthracite radiator.

Brenton Wilis Horizontal Double Panel Designer Radiator

Providing some serious aesthetic luxury , this fantastically affordable designer radiator ticks all the boxes of those looking for a do-it-all horizontal anthracite radiator. 

The panels are slim and widened for a great modern take on a classic horizontal radiator design, while the colour is quite remarkable and gleams differently depending on the angle at which you view it.

Equipped with Brenton’s reassuring lifetime manufacturer's guarantee and central heating fuelled for optimum efficiency, this mild steel anthracite radiator is one to watch out for in your home heating search!

This reliable piece of luxury is sure to keep you warm and add some extra style to your home, all for a rather jaw-dropping price too!

Brenton Oval Double Panel Horizontal Radiator - Anthracite

The last contender in our best of the best anthracite and black radiator range is this absolutely stunning lounge-friendly piece from Brenton. The Brenton Oval will sit perfectly in a comfy living room space, providing both style and substance as the warmth radiates around you.

Its mild steel construction makes it a durable addition to your home, and the anthracite finish has a mesmerising matt effect that looks as every bit as modern as you'd expect.

Lay atop a brick-walled backing or modern white room – whatever the location, this Brenton piece is a unique horizontal radiator and simply essential for those who want only the very best.

Equipped with a resounding 10 year manufacturer's guarantee, the Brenton is a choice that you certainly won't think back on anytime soon.

Brenton Oval Double Panel Vertical Radiator - Anthracite

As you’re no doubt gathering, Brenton are one of the best in the home heating game when it comes to delivering mesmerising anthracite home heating pieces.

This vertical Oval unit, available to your home at your command, measures up a proud 1800 x 354mm and will certainly make a fantastic centrepiece for your home.

The oval construction features a double panel layup for a powerful delivery of warmth and the anthracite finish is the usual showing of fantastic Brenton quality.

Constructed of the highest quality steel for the best heat and light conductivity as well as reinforced by Brenton’s 5 year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind, this Brenton beauty is a consistent front-runner for those seeking the tallest anthracite designer radiators.

Tested in compliance with EN442 standards and boasting a heat output of 2928 at BTU 60°C, this Brenton wonder is of course, irresistible.

Back in Black (and Anthracite!)

We hope you have enjoyed this foray into some of our team’s favourite black and anthracite designer radiators. Truthfully, it is difficult for any of us to pick favourites when there are so many fantastic options out there. 

We hope you have inspired you to further your own search, which you can do right now by checking out our full range of anthracite designer radiators and black designer radiators below with over 150 fantastic home heating units to choose from in total!


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