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High Output Radiators: A List of the Best (Over 9000 BTU)

Looking for high output radiators? We have pulled together our top radiators over 9000 BTU to make it easier for you to find the right heat source for you!

Browse the hottest high output radiators available to buy, because living in a cold house would kind of defeat the purpose of surrounding yourself with 4 walls and a roof.

Obviously, this list doesn't include heating methods for industrial use; but if you want a hot radiator that goes above and beyond to heat even the largest dining room to a cosy high temperature - then let's give you some excellent high-temperature choices.

What is a High Output Radiator Exactly?

High output radiators refer to home radiators with a high BTU rating. A high BTU rating means you're looking at a high-temperature radiator, which means a hotter home.

High Output is Over 9000 BTU

There's no official point in which a home radiator becomes a high output radiator, but we (and others) define high output as a radiator with a BTU rating over 9000.

Why Aren't All Radiators High Output?

Not all radiators are high output radiators because not all radiators need to be, and not all radiators can be. You don't need a 20,000 BTU towel rail for a cloakroom toilet, and you probably couldn't find one if you tried. But while you could stick a high output radiator in a small room, your wallet and your guests would prefer you used a BTU calculator to prevent both unnecessary heating bills and avoid cooking visiting family members alive.

Horizontal High Output Radiators

These horizontal high output radiators have enough kick to make the standard radiator look like a hot water bottle.

Let's have a look at a few of our top picks below:

Aeon Ottoman | Stainless Steel | 23351 (BTU 50ºC) | 29516 (BTU 60°C)

Ideal for contemporary interiors, the Aeon Ottoman Stainless Steel Designer Radiator. Its elegant yet modern design will fit seamlessly into any space, and it's available in a choice of two stunning finishes - polished and brushed chrome.

DQ Heating Cube Horizontal Designer Radiator | Mild Steel | 12078 (BTU 50°C) | 15267 (BTU 60°C)

A great source of style and warmth for any room. The unique cubic shape of this radiator ensures extra heat. While the steel material allows you to control temperatures precisely and with impressive performance.

Aeon Arat Horizontal Designer Radiator | Stainless Steel | 8550 (BTU 50°C) | 10807 (BTU 60°C)

Double panelling and double convectors - now that's what we call ultimate heating power! This horizontal radiator is precisely what you need in the chilly evenings to come.

Vertical High Output Radiators

These tall, hot, and attractive monuments of heating are the quickest path to a cosy home. Not only do they warm you to the bone, but they save you precious floorspace whilst doing it.

Let's take a peek...

DQ Heating Vulcano Radiator | Mild Steel | 12966 (BTU 50°C) | 16389 (BTU 60°C)

A first-class heating solution that will add style to your home while warming it up. The vertical construction offers a large heat conducting surface - this makes the Vulcano perfect for bigger rooms that have a lot of space to keep toasty.

Aeon Venetian Designer Radiator | Stainless Steel | 13062 (BTU 50°C) | 16510 (BTU 60°C)

The Aeon Venetian Stainless Steel Designer Radiator is the perfect companion to your contemporary home. Ideal for kitchens, hallways and large spaces in need of some serious spice, this high output radiator is available in two stunning finishes - polished and brushed chrome.

Aeon Alien Vertical Radiator | Stainless Steel | 10917 (BTU 50°C) | 13799 (BTU 60°C) 

The Aeon Alien Stainless Steel Free Standing Vertical Designer Radiator looks like it belongs on a spaceship, but you can have it right in your living room. Made from 100% top quality stainless steel, the Alien Radiator comes with brushed matt and polished finishes and in a few different sizes you can choose from.

High Output Heated Towel Radiators?

The point of a towel rail is to be low-BTU, not high temperature, because wet towels don't need much to dry them. Most heated towel rails tend to be made of small/thin pipes which reduce the potential BTU.

However, you might want a towel rail that doesn't just heat your towels but heats the room around it too. Two birds with one stone. So since high output towel rails are a different kettle of fish, have a look at the best high output towel radiators for your home.

H-Eating Our Knowledge

So those are our recommendations for the best high output radiators available to buy. We've not included industrial-level heating; those of you trying to heat a Hollywood sound-stage will need to look elsewhere.

But for anyone that wants a home filled with warmth - you won't be disappointed with any of the above high-temperature output radiators.

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