Where to Position a Radiator (Not Just Under the Window)

Posted by Dominic Lees-Bell

One thing we hear most at Only Radiators is "where is the best place to put a radiator in a room?" and it's a valid question!

Why Usually The Window?

As you probably expect, placing a radiator under the window is the most common radiator position in a room. Even as I write this, I am sat next to my trusty under-window radiator.

The main reason for this was that, back before the wonders of double glazing, this was the coldest part of the room. And so, the Victorians regarded this as the best place for radiators in a room - and they weren't wrong.

Where to Position a Radiator

The traditional place to position your radiator is the coldest part of the room. Whether that's beneath your window or against the wall.

This is due to conduction, with incoming cold air causing more effective heat conduction and pushing the hot air from your radiator into the middle of the room.

However, times have changed...

Insulation design has improved leaps and bounds. we've been blessed by double glazing. So, you may well find that there aren't any cold places in your room.

If that’s the case then you now have total choice over where to place your radiator. That’s right, the answer to where to position a radiator is anywhere you like! Well, as long as you stick to the vital pointers that we’re about to share.

Stay Away From Furniture

It's as simple as it sounds - sure, you can put a wicker chair or small lamp table nearby, but placing a radiator behind any high volume sofa, wardrobe or other focal point furniture item will drastically take away from its heating potential.

Besides, why would you shell out for a classy new radiator only to stick it somewhere you can't see it?

Keep Away From Curtains

This may be less obvious but it's equally key. Radiators must be able to breathe, so to speak.

Having curtains over radiators will deplete their power, jettisoning heat away from the room and out the window. Long curtains over radiators will keep the rad power especially diminished.

Curtains can be even more dangerous if you have a convector radiator that releases heat from the top. This design will suffer the most from curtains and, if you hadn't already guessed, presents a major fire risk.

This is pretty much the case regardless if you've got a convector or not, so it's best to stay clear altogether from the drapes of wrath.


Another reason you see so many radiators under windows and along exterior walls, even in modern properties, is that the architects laid the pipework to abide by the old rules. This made things easier back in the day, yet in our current age of DIY there's no need to stick to original pipework.

Moving a radiator might seem daunting at first, but your pipes aren't the incomprehensible spaghetti mess you might imagine.

Whether it's done by yourself or with the assistance of a qualified professional, inserting an extra section of piping to create a new radiator zone is simple enough.

A World of Potential

"Why did we never think to put a radiator here ever before?" you might be thinking.

"Because we were afraid," your significant other will reply as you shake madly, "afraid until Only Radiators showed us the way!"

Every room has unique potential when positioning your radiator. Whether it's a heated towel rail for your swish new bathroom or a mesmerising floor to ceiling rad to heat that cavernous hallway, the variety is practically endless.

Now you can effortlessly apply your new knowledge. Placing radiators in the perfect position throughout every room in your home. Check out our expansive online store where we’ve grouped our selection of the world’s best designer radiators by room.

Positioning Power

To accent your living room with style as well as achieve a cosy environment to settle down in with your family, try running a Brenton Flat Double Panel Horizontal Radiator (left) along the longest wall, or perhaps underneath your wall-mounted TV.

Keep your bathroom warm and towels dry with our range of vertical heated towel radiators including the Reina Matera Vertical Steel Heated Towel Radiator (centre), right down to smaller specific hangers like the Phoenix Eve Bathroom Designer Heated Towel Rail Rack (right).

For hallway radiator positioning, we like to suggest setting an eye-catching horizontal radiator beneath a wide mirror so that family and guests alike will check it out as much as themselves as they come and go. Radiators like our Reina Neva Oval Tube Horizontal Designer Radiator (left) are perfect for this and phenomenally good value.

Vertical radiators are perfect for the kitchen as they maintain the most wall space for family photos, shelving and appliances. Our personal favourites include the Hudson Reed Sloane Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator (centre), featuring a fantastic central mirror to ensure you look as fresh as your ingredients. Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, take a peek at the Phoenix Reflect Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Mirrored Radiator (right) for some serious space saving luxury - you won't need space for a mirror because you've got one already. What a treat!

Heating Freedom

We are no longer shackled by the restrictions of poor insulation and single glazing. Even if we are, we can choose where we place our radiators.

Consider each room an individual palette, then select both the rads and their positioning that best suit your ideal image.

See old pipework as a challenge to change rather than a limit to your creativity.

Interior design gets a lot more fun once you do away with tired old traditions!

So there we have it - stick that radiator wherever you please! Make sure you stick to the guidelines advised to get the best results, and the warmest home.