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Aluminium Radiators - Why You Should Consider One

Should You Switch To an Aluminium Radiator?

What radiators are made of matters greatly, which is exactly why we covered it in one of our other blog postsWe scrutinised the landscape of radiator materials – from steel radiators to their stainless siblings and from aluminium radiators to the best cast iron radiators – and concluded (rather democratically) that each material has plenty of perks.

We stock we stock a fantastic range of customer favourites by all of the leading aluminium rad designers. So, with respected manufacturers like Brenton releasing aluminium radiators at increasingly competitive prices, let’s get down to uncovering just why aluminium radiators may be the best after all!

Aluminium Radiators - What's all the fuss?

Instead of asking “are aluminium radiators better than steel?”, it’s more useful to ask “which material radiator is best for me?”. This will lay all your options out which is exactly what we’re going to do for you in this breakdown.

Relatively new on the scene, Aluminium radiators are compared to big old steel radiators, which is where we encounter their first of many benefits – new designs, new safety standards, new connections and more!

Aluminium Radiators – Lightweight, Baby!

Aluminium radiators weigh far less than steel radiators, which means that they are simply far more manoeuvrable when it comes to installation. You can experiment with high-up installations, inverted installations, vertical set-ups and more. As well as helping to get the job done easier, you'll surprise your better half when they step through the door!

Efficiency? “Yes please!” says Aluminium Radiators

When looking for the most efficient radiator it's aluminium that rears its shiny head. An aluminium radiator is an excellent heat conductor at (relatively) breakneck speeds to keep rooms toasty for the least expenditure.

Their BTU outputs are through the roof! Perfect for minimising heating bills and arguments at the same time!

Style for Miles with Aluminium Radiators

Bored of the same old white and crusty steel radiators? All top radiator designers are having a blast with aluminium radiator design. This is mostly due to their streamlined nature, featherweight reputation and structural malleability.  They also come in all sorts of exciting designs and may be just what you need to evolve your décor.

Save the World with Aluminium Radiators

Oh yes, these are by far the best for recycling. They can easily be turned into something else! From a can of Coke to a dustbin lid, or even another new radiator – who knows? Do your bit and buy aluminium to keep our planet fresh!

Aluminium Radiators: The Softly, Softly Approach

As you can guess, a cast iron radiator could be dropped from The Shard and still perform perfectly the next day. We contacted them to arrange a demonstration though unfortunately no permit was provided.

The admittedly more delicate aluminium radiator is not quite so resilient though should be totally fine in your home, unless you host the occasional Royal Rumble. Just be careful when leaning heavy objects against your new units to avoid dents. Make sure the kids know aswell!

It’s also worth noting that an aluminium radiator’s internals are a bit different than your steel radiators so you will need to ensure you use a radiator inhibitor that is suitable. Unsure which radiator inhibitor to use? We’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction.

Treat your new radiator with the love and care it deserves. You'll be sure to enjoy many years of reliable performance and powerful, dependable warmth.

How Much does an Aluminium Radiator Cost?

They aren’t cheap, but isn’t perfection always a bit more pricey? Like all of the best things, a little mix-and-match does the trick. So if you’re doing up your master bathroom, a nice vertical aluminium radiator by Reina may be the perfect touch. Although, there’s probably no need to replace the ol’ faithfuls down in the hallway. 

Aluminium cost is reducing daily and we’re delighted to provide some of the lowest-priced aluminium radiators in the entire country.

Aluminium Radiators at Only Radiators

We can’t say enough good things about aluminium – once set up, we doubt you’ll be able to, either!

As one of the country’s leading independent heating specialist stores, we at Only Radiators pride ourselves on our sheer variety and value of our aluminium radiators. We have units to suit all budgets and tastes. So, create a chic new space or totally modernise your home.

Let's take a peek at some of our favourite aluminium radiators below.

Aluminium - Hot or Not?

So what do you think? Are you all for aluminium or stainless steel through and through? Each home, like its owners, has its own preference. And we’d love to hear them!

Aluminium is the hottest new material for radiators, that’s undeniable. Though they don't suit all homes perfectly. Many of our staff would rather a rustic cast-iron beast any day. They mumble all sorts of things about character and reliability but hey, we’re in a new age!

Need to know how to install your new aluminium radiator? Check out our blog post - A Guide on How to Replace a Radiator!

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