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Innovative Ideas: Towel Radiators in the Kitchen

There’s no denying that towel rails are generally thought of a bathroom product, and while we’re firm believers that everyone should have a towel rail in their bathroom, there’s another room that’s just as deserving of a stylish, warming and sophisticated towel rail. That’s right, the kitchen!

What on Earth are You on About? 

Confused? Bear with us. Kitchen towel rails can be used for tea towels and oven mitts. Forget clogging up drawers with every tea towel you’ve ever bought, a kitchen towel rail is a stylish way to both store and heat your towels. 

We all know that towel rails hanging on the oven can get in the way, and storing them in drawers means they’re very unlikely to dry properly before their next use. A kitchen tea towel rail will have your tea towels organised in no time at all. 

Not only that, a stunning kitchen towel rail will impress guests and add a modern vibe to your kitchen, while keeping the room warm and cosy even in chiliest of temperatures. 

What Kind of Towel Radiators? 

‘What next?’, we can hear you thinking, ‘a toilet in the kitchen?’. Alas no, although that at least would be unique. But a kitchen towel rail doesn’t have to be the ‘traditional’ towel rail you usually see in the bathroom. We’ve got a whole range of kitchen towel rails, from the weird and wacky designed to liven up your kitchen in a way only a towel rail can, to gorgeous contemporary chrome models that add that little touch of sophistication. 

The Not-So-Subtle Approach

In true Only Radiators fashion, we’ll start things off with a bang. These are the towel rails you’d usually expect to see in a bathroom, but you’ll soon come to adore the practicality and beauty of having one in the kitchen. A ladder towel rail is great in the kitchen as it can hold multiple towels at once, while heating larger rooms with ease. 

A More Subtle Approach

If you’re after something that looks less like a bathroom towel rail and more like, well, something that actually belongs in the kitchen, look no further. Vertical radiators in the kitchen is a trend that continues to grow, so if you fancy something a little more subtle, you’re in the right place.

Let’s Take it Back

A contemporary chrome kitchen towel rail is all very well if you have a kitchen to match, but what about those of us with traditional kitchens? Well, there’s no reason you can’t have a traditional style towel rail to store your tea towels and warm your kitchen. Nothing is off limits when it comes to kitchen decor (okay, so perhaps a few things are off limits), and you’ll soon see that even traditional kitchens can be given a style boost with a towel rail. 

Finally Convinced? 

Fancy experimenting with a heated towel rail in your kitchen? We love proving people wrong and we’re sure you can see this idea isn’t quite as wacky as it first appears! Take a look at our full range of heated towel rails to help you find the perfect towel radiator for your kitchen - you can thank us later!  

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