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Why You Should Get a Curved Towel Radiator

Welcome, our faithful and valued visitor, to the Only Radiators blog where this time we investigate one of the best contemporary towel rails – the curved towel radiator.

Towel rail radiators are nothing new – nor are their curved cousins, in all fairness – yet they are a fantastically fashionable item currently experiencing a revival of sorts.

They have enabled many a DIY bathroom renovator to breathe new life into their existing home bathrooms, and so we shall delve into them in detail right now.

Why Choose a Curved Towel Radiator?

It’s quite simple really – there’s the aesthetic purpose, functional reasoning, and then science behind it all.

So, we all know that feeling of “shoving” or “feeding” a large bath towel down the back of your usual towel rail radiator. We also know the feeling of weaving different towels of different lengths through your usual ladder towel rails.

It can become a bit of a squeeze between your towel rail radiator and bathroom wall and so, a curved heated towel rail enables far freer application of multiple towels before congestion occur.

A curved heated towel rail also simply enables a far larger airflow through the space between your towel rail radiator and bathroom wall. The more air welcomed through, the quicker your family’s never-ending pile of towels dry.

And did we mention they look rather snazzy?

Curved Towel Radiators – Which and Why?

End the dampness caused by a dying towel rail radiator – buy yourself a brand new curved towel radiator today! And what do you know, we’ve got a whole bunch of the world’s leading curved towel drying radiators available.

Let’s kick things off by evaluating the hottest curved towel rail radiators by finish…

Chrome Curved Towel Radiators

Nothing shouts style like a good chrome radiator and curved towel radiators are one of the best ways to finish off a slick chromed washroom, add shine to a minimalist room or punctuate a loud aesthetic with a real exclamation point.

Here's three of our greatest hits:

Anthracite & Black Curved Towel Rails

Anthracite and black finishes are so hot right now in home heating, and this without a doubt extends to the bathroom. The dark grey or black towel rail is now pretty much a signature for a classy bathroom – you will see them in hotels, show homes and other boutique locations throughout the world, and it’s easy to see why.

Their brooding colouration is perfect for any palette and can easily be the crowning glory of your new DIY bathroom renovation.

Take a peek at some of our top curved anthracite and black picks below.

Variety for Miles

At the end of the day, it is your bathroom and you decide what fits best. There is an incredible amount of curved towel radiators just waiting for your inspection at Only Radiators – just check out our entire range below. But whilst there are many to scroll through, your search should never feel overwhelming.


Here to Help

With Only Radiators you are never alone and our friendly team are never far off when it comes to seeking advice from one of the nation’s most experienced home heating suppliers. From the aesthetic to the technical, just contact us for absolutely any query.

Unique solutions to unexpected questions are one of our fortes, so give us a whirl with your most left-field enquiry and see what we can do for you!

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