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How To Choose The Right Size Bathroom Radiator

Choosing the right size radiator for your bathroom starts with a simple calculation. Read on to find out what’s the first step.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom radiator, there’s much more to consider than just the look. Although, we understand why that might be the first thing on your mind.

And, it's a fair assumption to say that the larger the radiator, the more heat it will produce and therefore the bigger room it can supply, but that is not always the case. 

In fact, one of the most important things to consider is not necessarily the size of the radiator or towel rail you’re going for, but its BTU, as this will determine whether or not it will heat your room up adequately enough. 

What is BTU and why is it so important?

When you are choosing the right radiator for your bathroom, you first need to work out the room’s BTU. Then you can match that to the radiator in the style of your choice and be safe in the knowledge that it will keep your room warm and cosy. 

BTU actually stands for British Thermal Unit which is traditionally used to define the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a lb of water (about half a litre) by 1 degree Fahrenheit. This sounds much more complicated than it is.

Luckily, to find the BTU of your room and purchase an appropriate radiator, you won’t need to worry about this calculation. All you need to do is take a few measurements and input a few details about your room - and we can do the rest via our handy BTU Calculator

It’s really important that you find out the BTU before purchasing your radiator as it will ensure that you are not over or under spending on a radiator that isn’t suitable for your home. We’re happy to help with this at any stage. Just contact one of the team via email, phone or Live Chat; you can find all the details at our Help Hub page. 

Once you have this information, shopping for your radiator or towel rail couldn’t be easier with us here at Only Radiators. You’ll find each product will have its BTU output specified in the product descriptions. You can even search for radiators within your BTU range using the handy tick boxes at the left hand side of each category page.

If you're still not sure what we’re talking about when it comes to BTU or you just want to learn more for a pub quiz in the future, we’re here for it. Knowledge is power. Just head on over to our blog: Explaining the BTU Calculator

Bear in mind that BTU is something that needs to be considered for any radiator in your home, not just in the bathroom. This is a standard measurement used across the UK. So, what else might you be considering when choosing the right size bathroom radiator? 

Do all bathrooms have the same BTU?  

Just as every bathroom is unique in size and shape, so too are the BTU calculations. If you have more than one bathroom to fit with a radiator then we would always recommend finding each individual BTU, even if you’re sure they are the same size. 

If you’re struggling with the measurements, you can always dig out the estate agent details/Rightmove or Zoopla post you received when purchasing the property. As long as you’ve not made any major changes, these should have accurate measurements for each room. 

Is there anything else to consider with a bathroom radiator? 

Once you’re sure of the BTU - you can consider the style of radiator you’d like. 

Will you be going for a funky heated towel rail? Because of the size and shape of this type of heating element, these often have lower BTU outputs. However, if you have a smaller bathroom or en suite, you might find that’s enough to heat through the room. 

Vertical radiators are also fabulous space-savers and great to decorate free space on a wall. 

While a heated towel rail is very popular in bathrooms, a classic column, trendy mirror radiator or designer style can be just as impactful. And in larger bathrooms, you may even be able to opt for both a heated towel rail and a statement radiator on the wall, too. 

Ready to make your choice? 

Here’s some of our top rated heated towel rails, the perfect choice for any bathroom. 

We also love these statement radiators, for really adding the wow factor to your space.

We hope you’ve got hold of all the information you need when it comes to choosing the right size bathroom radiator. Don’t forget to browse through our current range of bathroom radiators and take advantage of our next day free delivery, 90-day exchange policy and our expert help and advice

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