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The Best Low Level Radiators for Rooms with Low Ceilings

When you have the luxury of unlimited space, the size of your radiator can take a bit of a backseat. State of the art designer radiators that span floor to ceiling in stunning finishes are easy to find, transforming your standard living room or bedroom into something fit for the pages of a high-end catalogue. Equally lovely are traditional horizontal models that not only look beautiful in larger rooms, they do a pretty good job heating them too!

What’s not so easy is radiator shopping when your space is limited. More specifically, shopping for rooms with low ceilings! Finding the perfect radiator that makes the most of the space you have available while complimenting your undoubtedly stylish interior can be difficult - but we’re here to lend you a helping hand.

We’ve got a range of stunning low level radiators just waiting to be snapped up. Our low height radiators are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings, lofts or for use under windows or paintings. Not only that, each of our horizontal radiators will add a touch of sophistication and style to your home. Check out our top 6 low level radiators.

DQ Heating Felucca Horizontal Designer Radiator in White

The DQ Heating Felucca horizontal radiator is one of the best low ceiling radiators available.

It boasts a unique, effortlessly modern design, and slimline appearance.

This is perfect for rooms that lack vertical space, as it slots perfectly under a window or painting - an area of the wall that often goes unused!

Designed by a brand who like to do things a little out of the ordinary, it’s no wonder this radiator boasts a stunning look with added practicality.

With the subtle towel rail, this radiator is just as suitable for a bathroom as it is for living rooms and bedrooms.

The white finish keeps the look understated, although bolder colour versions of this radiator are available.

With DQ behind this horizontal radiator, you can be sure of its quality.

This model is made from mild steel and comes with a reassuring 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. It comes in a range of sizes so you’re guaranteed to find one that slots perfectly into your home.

Phoenix Nicole Traditional 6 Column Style Floor Standing Radiator

Traditionally designed radiators can be harder to style into smaller rooms, as they aren’t renowned for being space savers.

This Phoenix Nicole turns that idea on its head, with a stunning traditional design that works just as well in smaller spaces as its slimline minimalist rivals.

This stunning 6 column radiator is available in a range of sizes and slots beautifully under windows or paintings.

Thanks to its sleek white finish, the Nicole won't draw away from any design statements in your home, but it'll certainly add a minimalist touch of luxury and just a sprinkling of pizzazz!

It makes the most of those hard to get to spaces, while the classic white colour pairs beautifully with a traditionally designed room.

Quality-wise, Phoenix know what they’re doing.

This is made from the finest materials and is corrosion free, with excellent energy efficiency to save you money.

The fabulous Phoenix Nicole comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

DQ Heating Drifter Horizontal Designer Radiator in White

The DQ Heating Drifter horizontal designer radiator has a gorgeous contemporary design that looks stunning in any size of room.

It adds a touch of sophistication to your home thanks to its sleek cultivated lines and understated matt white finish.

With the max height just 410mm, it’s one of the most attractive and practical low height radiators on the market today.

As always, DQ Heating have truly delivered quality-wise.

This model is made from mild steel and is extremely durable.

It can be connected to your central heating and comes in 4 different sizes.

If you’re after a bolder look, we can provide a range of bright colours to choose from.

This stunning horizontal radiator is another that’s excellent value and even boasts a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind about its quality.

Aeon Ottoman Stainless Steel Free Standing Designer Radiator

The Aeon Ottoman free standing radiator has a simply stunning design that’ll turn any room into a haven of luxury and relaxation.

This beautiful radiator goes against the grain; it’s free standing instead of wall mounted, making it a modern masterpiece.

It comes in either a brushed chrome or polished finish, and you can choose from a range of numbers of bars.

The width can also be adjusted to suit the space you have available, making it incredibly versatile.

Despite the bold and expressive design, this radiator will make any room that much cosier and more homely.

It’s also very practical, with an optional glass shelf to go on top of it!

In terms of quality, this designer radiator fully delivers plus more.

It’s made from the highest grade stainless steel and comes with a whopping 20 year guarantee for peace of mind. We won’t pretend this model is cheap, but if you fancy splashing out it should be top of your list.

DQ Heating Trench Radiator Heater

One of our favourite low level radiators is this DQ Heating Trench heater. Why? It’s so low you can hardly even see it!

This radiator is the perfect option for tight spaces and very low ceilings.

It takes up no storage space at all, leaving the space free to decorate how you like.

This heater is made from top class aluminium making it modern, practical and energy efficient.

It contains turbo fans for rooms with large glazed partitions, and adheres to European quality standard without compromising on design.

It’s available in a variety of sizes and comes with a pretty comforting 7 year manufacturer’s guarantee to assure you of its quality.

This heater comes in 3 stunning finishes - with the beech and oak options giving your home that spa-like feeling.

DQ Heating Radiator Bench Mild Steel Horizontal Radiator Bench

Last on our list of the best low level radiators is the DQ Heating radiator bench which is a little more wacky but perfect for utilising space.

This stunning and stylish radiator is both efficient and practical.

The heating performance is second to none, while the oak wood top is a comfortable place for you to sit (and keep warm!), especially during the winter.

The Bench comes in an incredible 20 different sizes.

It looks stunning in any room needing a space-saving radiator, but we love it in spa-like bathrooms for that luxurious look.

It’s made from mild steel and constructed according to European quality standards.

This fabulous bench even comes with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

This radiator can be customised into a choice of our 47 RAL colours meaning you can put your own unique stamp on this stunning design.

Low Level Radiators, High Level Beauty

Low level radiators designed specifically for smaller spaces can look just as stunning as their full size counterparts - you simply have to know where to look! If you’re still looking for that perfect radiator, check out our full range here. As always, our customer service team are just a phone call or email away. If you have any questions about our products or need any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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