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The Best Traditional Radiators and Towel Rails

Traditional Radiators and Towel Rails Explained

A traditional radiator is named due to the material of its construction – that being a quality yet rather heavy cast iron build. Whilst nowhere near as fun to carry into your home as a designer aluminium radiator might be, the performance benefits are tangible.

Traditional radiators are also named due to their traditional column design, in which hot water is pumped through any number of vertical pipes that constitute the traditional radiator body.

The result is that a traditional radiator holds heat exceptionally well so your loved ones can bask in the residual warmth of such a home heating unit long after the central heating has switched off

The reason that we call them traditional radiators is that this style emerged and gained immense popularity in the late Edwardian and early Victorian times. However, don't let the traditional aesthetic fool you, they come fitted with all of the latest home heating fittings, technologies and safety standards. Combined with modern insulation, the designer traditional radiator is a formidable beast churning out remarkable BTU figures.

Top Traditional Radiators

Let’s kick things off with the classic traditional radiator, yet renovated for the modern home heating seeker.

Butler & Rose Vertical Designer Column Style White Radiator

First up, this superbly tall designer traditional radiator by Butler & Rose, one of the kings of the designer column radiator, who in this instance deliver an elegant vertical column radiator that is perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

Available in 2 or 3 column designs, this stunning unit meets EN442 European quality standards so you can be sure its not only beautiful, but totally safe and uber-efficient too.

Putting out up to 3645 BTU at 50°c and 4972 BTU at 60°c, this is a perfect example of just how powerful a traditional column radiator can be.

You may also be thrilled to know that this stunning vertical traditional radiator is available to you in RAL colours .

What's not to love about the full personalisation of your home heating?

We simply adore the idea of colour coordinating every element in our homes, even the radiators!

What a way to start our list…

Butler & Rose 4 Column Horizontal Radiator – Bare Metal Lacquer Finish

Now for something a little different – here Butler & Rose combine traditional styling in a mesmeric 4 column design with a bare metal lacquered finish rarely seen in the world of home heating.

This traditional horizontal column radiator is a visual buffet and customer favourite, not to mention its 10 year manufacturer guarantee that really seals the deal.

Crafted from durable mild steel for a longer life, this Butler & Rose beauty tempts us with its wonderful list of features and of course that truly mesmerising bare metal lacquer finish.

Nothing says traditional more than a radiator that looks as though it's been taken straight out of a stately home! 

And if your budget does exceed the £250 limit we have set for the sake of this article, Butler & Rose have generously provided this eye-catching home heating unit in a total of 5 sizes (500 x 474mm unit being the smallest).

If you're into customisation (who isn't?) then you can get your hands on some optional slip on "feet" for this beautiful piece too in order to complete that elegant Victorian aesthetic.

Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator

Well, look at that – another Butler & Rose unit to finish off our top 5 traditional column radiators.

And who could blame us? For the sub-£250 traditional radiator market, they are almost without peer.

Crafted from durable steel in full compliance with the EN442 European quality standard, this jaw-dropping Butler & Rose piece offers a wonderful heat output to keep your home toasty throughout those cold months, and look utterly fabulous doing so.

This wonderful piece is compatible with your central heating and can even be used as a dual fuel radiator so you can warm the room without having to heat your whole house with the central heating. 

This fabulous period radiator comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its excellent quality, alongside its 3 column design that's sure to heat up your rooms as best possible.

Depending on the style you're after, this Butler & Rose beauty is available in a huge variety of sizes so you can choose the best design for your own space.



Top Traditional Heated Towel Rails

From all around the home to the bathroom – enjoy home heating designs that are classically reminiscent with our range of traditional towel rails. These keep your towels warm and dry as well as make those winter mornings getting ready all the more bearable!

Enhance your home’s bathrooms with Victorian opulence while keeping them free of damp and ensuring all of your family’s towels are dry, warm and ready for use.

Butler & Rose Ducher Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator 

From wall-mounted towel radiator to floorstanding heated towel rail radiator, this Ducher is an aesthetic masterpiece by Butler & Rose and one favourite of our bathroom radiator customers.

Available in a stunning white finish framed by an elegant chrome piping, the Ducher is the perfect authentic accent for a huge range of bathroom styles.

This Butler & Rose Beauty is even backed by a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its wonderful quality.

If you're after a heated towel radiator that'll keep everything as warm as can be, the Ducher is most definitely an excellent choice.

Don't let the traditional design fool you, whilst this gorgeous piece may create the illusion of a period home with an old-timey aesthetic, the Ducher is backed up by the latest in heating technology and certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to its heat output.

The Ducher is one of the big players in the heated towel radiator game and darn good value also!

DQ Heating Hockwold Wall Mounted Luxury Traditional Heated Towel Rail

This gorgeous traditional heated towel rail by DQ Heating is available in 6 different finishes, from polished chrome, to brushed nickel and antique brass. It also comes in a range of  4 sizes, making it easy to suit any bathroom size.

Crafted from high quality brass, this fabulous traditional heated towel radiator is compatible with central heating, dual fuel and electric fuel sources.

The traditional wall mounted design means that it saves wall space, which is great for small bathrooms. Why not opt for a heated towel rail in a kitchen to keep hand towels warm?

You can be certain that the Hockwold wall mounted towel rail is not only practical and aesthetic, but reliable too!

Please note that this stunning handmade traditional towel rail is a special order radiator and is non-refundable and non-returnable.


We hope you've enjoyed our journey through some of the best traditional radiators and heated towel rails! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Only Radiators team right here and we will be delighted to provide all of the information you need – and probably a heck of a lot more!

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