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Want a Unique Home? Check Out These Unusual Radiators

What makes you different makes you beautiful, and your home is a part of you; so why settle for anything less than showing the world exactly who you are with a unique radiator? A radiator is a feature of your home, like everything else, so browse these unusual radiators and upgrade the personality of your home.

You can browse the finest range of radiators here at only radiators, but there's a lot of them. So here's a helping hand finding some of the most interesting radiators available, and they're all arranged by room.

Unusual Radiators for the Kitchen

Kitchen space is priceless, so it's key to use it cleverly. It's also important that it complements the decor of the room. So that likely means a lot of stainless steel. With that in mind, here's some unusual kitchen radiators to chew over.

Aeon Wave Stainless Steel Vertical Designer Radiator

The Aeon Wave offers a truly mesmerising contemporary look thanks to its intricate wave-like pattern. Made entirely from the highest grade brushed matt stainless steel, the Wave makes light an intricate part of your interior and is sure to make a statement in your home. This beauty is tested to EN442 standards and comes with a hugely comforting 20 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Unusual Radiators for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are a place of comfort and convenience, so it makes sense to have a radiator that doesn't just put out a lot of heat, but one that also makes your mornings easier.

Let's take a peek at some of our favourite weird & wonderful radiators for the bathroom below.

Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator

For something truly exquisite, perhaps we can tempt you to the Aeon Honeycomb vertical designer radiator. Not only does this beauty make a true statement of style, but it's also pretty practical too. Tested to EN442 harmonised European standard and boasting a rather comforting 20 year manufacturer's guarantee, what more could you possibly need? Apart from, maybe some bees to match your decor!

Hudson Reed Xcite Vertical Designer Radiator

Perfect for some bathroom style, what's not to love about the Hudson Reed Xcite? We simply cannot think of anything more luxurious to feast our eyes upon in the bathroom, and whilst the Xcite is truly x-citing (did you see what we did there?) due to its looks, this Hudson Reed beauty also offers a plethora of practical elements too. Tested to EN442 harmonised European standard with once again a truly comforting 20 year manufacturer's guarantee, you can get your hands on some serious style without having to worry about the sensible bits!

Unusual Radiators for the Living Room


A quick way to learn a lot about a person is to look at their living room. What do they keep in it? What is their 'style'? And what will people think of your home? Your radiator plays a part in this first impression, so choose a radiator that shows the real you and does it with style. Here are some of our greatest living room radiator hits below.

Brenton Onda Anthracite Wave Radiator

This stylish wall mounted vertical radiator really knows how to make a statement without taking away from the rest of the room. This minimalist contemporary piece boasts a bold anthracite finish, unique curved design that has our jaws on the floor, and a pretty high heat output too so you can be sure those rooms will be toasty as can be. This beautiful piece also comes with a reassuring 3 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its stellar quality.

Aeon Stanza Freestanding Vertical Designer Radiator 

Of course, sometimes you have to really push the boat out when it comes to unusual radiators, which is where the Aeon Stanza freestanding vertical designer radiator comes in! This exquisite piece is naturally a jaw-dropper thanks to its hugely aesthetic look, but the Stanza also boasts some rather tempting features too. With a fantastic heat output and 20 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its great quality, the Stanza really does cover all the bases with a splash of luxury thrown in!

Unusual Bedroom Radiators

Make the most intimate room of your home as comfortable and stylish as possible because it's important to wake up in a room you feel happy in. Take a peek at some of our top bedroom radiator picks below.

Aeon Elixir Stainless Steel Designer Radiator with Glass Top (LEFT)

If you thought some of the radiators above were a little different, the Aeon Elixir is here to shock and amaze you just that little bit more. This wonderfully contemporary piece offers the look of an aesthetic art piece, whilst the practical elements take care of the rest. You can even pair this beauty with the optional glass shelf and mirror to complete the look. With some truly stunning features and a hugely comforting 20 year manufacturer's guarantee, you must be tempted - we certainly are!

Hudson Reed Revive with Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator (CENTRE)

Talk about the height of convenience! Not only does the Hudson Reed Revive mirrored radiator look truly magical, but it's also great for saving space thanks to its dual functions. Tested to EN442 harmonised European standard, this luxurious vertical radiator offers an anti-fog mirror and high heat output to keep your bedroom cosy at all times. This fantastic piece even comes with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee so you'll never need to worry about reliability again!

Aeon Ottoman Stainless Steel Freestanding Designer Radiator (RIGHT)

Say hello to the Aeon Ottoman! This fabulous designer radiator offers premium quality heating and a wonderfully aesthetic look - we'd have one in absolutely every room if we could! You can get your hands on this uber-cosy design in 16 different sizes and in brushed or polished steel depending on your style. With truly jaw-dropping designs and features, alongside a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee, it's no surprise the Aeon Ottoman is a customer favourite.


This list of unusual radiators is just a small sample of what's available. And it's worth noting that we've categorised them by room purely to help inspire you - in reality, you can use any radiator in any room. But hopefully, our top unusual radiators (all available from our own store) have got you excited for what is possible.

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