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Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

Save an extra 10% off all orders over £500 - Use code: SAVETEN in the basket

Black Radiators That Will Instantly Modernise Your Home

Radiators no longer need be cast iron white-painted objects! We have a selection of modern, environmentally considerate, stylish and efficient radiators that combine style and function. In this age of interior design, black and anthracite radiators are one of our most popular options and it’s clear why. They open a range of modern aesthetics, and are easy to complement any home decor style.

The Science Behind Black Radiators

Before we crack on, here’s a little science to see if the appeal of black radiators transcends the aesthetic. The main question is: are black radiators better than white in their performance?

Are Black Radiators More Efficient?

All radiators, regardless of colour or function, perform radiative heating. Convective heating occurs as the radiator heats the air next to the radiator, when it also absorbs said heat to some degree.

Black body radiation tells us that the darker a colour, the better it is at both emitting and absorbing thermal radiation. Matt colours also perform better than a shiny finish.

The same theory tells us that a thin, flat object will radiate heat energy faster than a thicker object. Which is why many radiators have flat panels to make them slimline and more efficient.

For this reason, black radiator paint is also quite popular. But remember the thicker your paint, the more you insulate your radiator. So put away your paintbrush and dip into our favourite modern black radiators that will modernise your home.

Brenton Oval Double Panel Vertical Radiator

Let's start off with a bestseller - the Brenton Oval double panel vertical radiator.

The double panel design of this tall radiator means that the slimline panels heat up fast and efficiently, providing your home with all the heat it needs in an instant.

Thin and tall, the Brenton Oval is the perfect option for a bedroom or home office, or even any small space where you want to utilise every inch of wall that you've got.

Warm your hallway or frame your lounge with a pair – the darkness of the radiator perfectly offsets light interiors and enhances dark spaces.

This heating unit is made from top quality steel which guarantees excellent energy efficiency and durability.

If you're unsure about the anthracite finish, this modern radiator is also available in white.

Brenton Oval Double Panel Horizontal Radiator

Similar to the vertical radiator above, the Brenton Oval double panel horizontal radiator offers all the perks of the vertical option, but in a more traditional, horizontal style. 

Brenton go back to basics with the Oval Double Panel but that is no bad thing when you consider the wealth of experience behind this leading brand with their flair for combining traditional styling and modern technology.

This modern black radiator is perfect for larger rooms such as living rooms or hallways where wall space isn't an issue! This matt anthracite finish is also fantastic emitter of heat, but if you'd prefer a lighter finish, this radiator is also available in white.

Made from top quality mild steel and alongside a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind, it’s one of our best value radiators!

Hudson Reed Revive Mirror Vertical Radiator - Anthracite

Admire yourself as well your new black designer radiator with this Reed Revive by Hudson.

Here we have three efficient heating columns lining both sides of a towering anti-fog mirror.

A great addition for your bedroom décor. Add a fold-out seat to create the perfect setting for preening yourself in the colder months. And even in the chances that the summer is hot enough to not need it, it will tie off any interior with its tasteful style.

Available in single and double panel options , you'll never have to worry about a mirror steaming up ever again - the heat from the radiator panels ensure that this mirror is always perfectly clear of steam so you can get ready with ease.

What's not to love about keeping your home cosy, and saving space by combining two vital elements into one?

Easily connected to your central heating, the Revive has been tested to the EN442 harmonised European standard and comes with a pretty reassuring 20 year manufacturer's guarantee to calm any nerves you may have. This baby was built to last (and look stunning!)

Brenton Saturnia Horizontal Column Radiator

The Brenton Saturnia radiator takes modern luxury to a whole new level - it's another stunning modern radiator that deserves a special mention.

Column radiators are often associated with traditionally designed homes, but the Saturnia is a modern twist on our vintage favourites. This is the perfect option for any snug corner of your home, or a home office.

The sleek, Anthracite finish is contemporary, yet the thick columns still feel cosy and less minimalist than some others on this list.  However, if you have second thoughts about an anthracite radiator, this is also available in white.

This modern, stylish radiator has a high heat output for its size, to ensure a warm home, and is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to say eyes on it.

This really is the best of both worlds and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Hudson Reed Revive Wave Single Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - Anthracite

If you're looking for something a little different, the Hudson Reed wave vertical radiator in anthracite is the one for you!

Boasting a unique, designer shape and with efficiency and durability, this vertical radiator is the perfect option to make a statement in your home.

The Revive Wave Radiator is fuelled by the central heating system of your home, is tested to the EN442 harmonized European standard and comes with a 20 year warranty.

This modern, wall mounted design is perfect for contemporary living spaces such as hallways and even kitchens, and has a high heat output to keep you cosy all year round.


Black Radiator Accessories

Most of these black designer radiators mentioned don't come with valves, so it's worth considering some of our black radiator valves to customise your home heating with your perfect choice of angled, corner or straight valve. We also have an extensive range of anthracite and black towel radiators to help you bring some stylish heating to your bathroom!

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