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A Selection of the Best Electric Radiators

Electric radiators should be a key consideration in anyone’s hunt for a new radiator. They are aesthetically, environmentally and functionally significant, so join us as we take you on a journey through some of our favourite electric radiators and fill you in on the many reasons why they’re so great.

A Selection of the Best Electric Radiators

Welcome back to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we are buzzing to share with you our selection of some of the best electric radiators available right here from our expansive online store

So, stick with us as we take you on a product focus that may well inspire your next home heating purchase.


Why Should I Choose an Electric Radiator?

There are many reasons why you might choose an electric radiator to replace your old home heating unit. 

They have no requirement to be connected to gas and water grids, which may benefit users in rural areas or other specific situations. Unlike traditional radiators, electric radiators do not require you to wait for your water supply to warm up, so provide a great sense of luxury when it comes to getting up and getting ready for work in those dark and cold winter mornings. 

They are unaffected by boiler breakdowns, deliver silent heating free from glugging pipes and are remarkably efficient. They are also free from leaking issues and maintenance such as radiator bleeding that can prove tiresome to those less experienced in home DIY. 

They also provide the aesthetic bonus of not needing piping, a benefit of great appeal to DIY designers seeking the sleekest home heating solutions. And the environmentally conscious among us will be pleased to note that they are zero emission. 

We could go on, but we’ll let the products themselves do the talking!

Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator

First up in our electric radiator showcase is this lovely anthracite flat panel number by Reina, available right now in single panel and double panel 600 x 588mm options.

This fantastic Reina designer electric radiator is every bit as stylish as it is affordable, featuring Reina’s signature anthracite hue across eight flat heating panels to make a slick addition to any interior. 

Crafted from the finest quality steel, this Reina electric radiator comes equipped with their reliable 5 year manufacturer guarantee. And if for some reason the anthracite tone does not blow you away, this Reina electric radiator is featured in our bespoke colour RAL offering, which means it can be custom-painted for you in any of 40 lovely RAL colours.

Please note that to order this radiator as an electric variant you will need to give our Sales team a call on 01202 612808.

Reina Arlec Electric Aluminium Designer Radiator

Now we move swiftly onto another Reina designer radiator, this selection being their stunning Arlec aluminium electric radiator available in five sizes ranging from 565 x 414mm.

This technical electric heating masterpiece by Reina is nothing short of futuristic, featuring a range of heating modes managed by a digital display and accompanying remote control for ease of function wherever in the room you may be.

With its space-age looks, the Arlec electric radiator is right at home in any modern interior and, in a great feat of flexibility, can be floor- or wall-mounted to fit your exact aesthetic needs. The Arlec by Reina features a heat output ranging from 700-1800 watts and is equipped with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

Phoenix Apollo Pre Filled Electric Aluminium Radiator

It’s not just Reina who make fantastic electric radiators, as demonstrated by this wonderful Phoenix Apollo across four sizes in either a white or anthracite finish. Designed with visually pleasing curved vertical heating panels, the Apollo is incredibly efficient thanks to its high conductivity aluminium construction. 

Its stunning modern style packs a serious home heating punch with a heat output of 841-1666 watts, so you can be confident in enjoying a room-filling heat when fitting the Phoenix Apollo in larger rooms. 

Featuring Phoenix’s dependable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, the Apollo should be on the shortlist of anyone seeking an affordable new electric designer radiator.

Phoenix Geo Carbon Steel Electric Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Radiator - Anthracite

Our next Phoenix offering is one of our favourite electric designer radiators and, as soon as you cast your eyes upon it, you will see why. The Geo features a geometric design of increasingly sized rectangular segments crafted from Phoenix’s quality carbon steel blend. 

Standing at an impressive 1460 x 520mm, the Geo comes exclusively in anthracite – a colour that perfectly suits this home heating beast styled by Phoenix with Bauhaus bravado. Its material offers greatly adaptable heating, long-lasting durability and is backed up by Phoenix’s 5 year warranty. 

If you are seeking an affordable yet affluent electric radiator that doubles as a piece of interior art then you will be hard pressed for a better option than the Phoenix Geo.

Aeon Panacea Stainless Steel Vertical or Horizontal Designer Radiator

Our final electric radiator selection is this wonderfully versatile Aeon Panacea, available in no less than 43 different size and colour combinations, to be precise!

With the Panacea you can choose between vertical or horizontal placement, making for a flexible electric home heating unit that truly is the epitome of performance and style. With its classic yet reimagined long slatted stainless steel construction, the Panacea demands to be your home’s centrepiece and, when it looks and performs this well, why would you refuse it?

Perfect for any room, from hallway to master bathroom, the Panacea offers a superb heat output of 336-2184 watts and confidently fills rooms of any size with resounding heat in blissful electric heating silence. You can also be confident in the quality of the Panacea as it features a 20 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Please note that to order this radiator as an electric variant you will need to give our Sales team a call on 01202 612808.

Electric Avenue

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s venture into the electrifying world of the electric radiator. We at Only Radiators love these units for their flexibility, progressiveness and environmental benefits. 

It was a very difficult process to select these electric radiators out of the many exquisite electric home heating units that we have in stock so, if you’re buzzing for more, why not head over to our full range of electric radiators and see if you can find the perfect new radiator for your home?


Here to Help

As always, our friendly support team are here and waiting for your query. 

Whether you have a question regarding any of the exquisite electric radiators available from our expansive online store, or any other question relating to the wonderful world of home heating, we can’t wait to hear from you. 

Get in touch with us right here for free and unbiased advice!


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